Rule error claim for the World Cup final! ‘Let it be repeated…’

According to some, the echoes of the Argentina – France match, which is the most beautiful final match in the history of the World Cup, continue.

Argentina reached for the trophy after the penalty shootout and the celebrations continued for days.

of L’Equipe According to the news, the French side claimed that referee Szymon Marciniak made a rule error. In the news, it was stated that it was clearly seen that some players from the Argentina bench entered the field without Messi’s third goal kick, and that the goal should be considered invalid.


According to FIFA rules, in the relevant part, “If a player other than the players on the field (football player, substitute football player, player with a red card, team official) enters the field while a goal is scored, the goal must be deemed void. The game is played with a direct free kick from the point where the person on the field without permission entered the field. must begin”.


Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez’s actions at the award ceremony and the celebrations in Argentina drew great reaction from the French front. Martinez, who prevented absolute goals in the final match and played a leading role in winning the cup, held a doll with Mbappe’s photo in her arms during the celebrations in Argentina.

Still of L’Equipe According to the news, the French Football Federation has filed a complaint with FIFA about Martinez’s actions. It was also stated in the report that the President of the French Football Federation, Noel Le Great, wrote a letter to his Argentinian counterpart, Claudio Tapia, about Martinez’s behavior.