Roman Abramovich has officially stepped in to buy Turkey’s largest! Very large corner

While allegations have been made recently that he wanted to buy one of Başakşehir or Kasımpaşa for the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the former owner of Chelsea, one of the English Premier League teams, this time the claim is the kind that will be talked about a lot. According to this; Abramovic, who had the first meeting to buy Galatasaray, made a series of contacts. Here are the details…

Abramovic, who started to become known in Turkey with his attempts to buy Göztepe, the İzmir team, could not reach an agreement and put his dream of buying Göztepe on the shelf. The Russian billionaire, who has been visiting Turkey from time to time since then, was claimed to have decided to invest here, and it was even claimed that the team Abramovic wanted to buy was one from Başakşehir or Kasımpaşa. In addition to the social media, allegations of Beşiktaş came to the fore.

Abramovich, who continued to live in Istanbul after that day, admired the country and was known not to want to leave. It was learned that the Russian billionaire had even built a house for himself in Istanbul and wanted to make investments there.

While all these developments were taking place, it was claimed that Abramovic met with Faruk Süren, one of the former presidents of Galatasaray, in Bebek. It was claimed that there were some Russian and foreign people at the table of the duo, as well as two important names known by the Galatasaray community.

The witnesses of this meeting, one of the opinion leaders of the community, claimed that Süren and Abramovic “had the first meeting for the sale of Galatasaray”.

Serious about buying teams from Turkey

The meeting of the duo brought up the claim that “Abramovic wants to buy a team from Turkey”, which was put forward by The Mirror newspaper a while ago. In the news, it was stated that the Russian businessman, who had to break his relationship with Chelsea due to the Russia-Ukraine war, settled in Turkey and chose Bebek as his base, and listed the Turkish clubs that Abramovic could buy.

Faruk Süren’s words came to mind

Faruk Süren, who presided over Galatasaray’s UEFA Cup and European Super Cup victory, said in a statement he made in 2017, “It is not possible to sell the club, but it can be a partnership. We are in a bad financial situation. Galatasaray is leaving our hands. I regret to say that if this continues, we will be relegated.”