Roborock s7 surprise on A101! Hearing the discount, he will run to A101… Today is technology day at A101

A101, one of the big chain markets in our country, published its current product catalog on January 5th. Which products will A101 present to the consumer today? Here are all the details…

A101, which presents various products to the taste of the consumer on Thursdays of every week, again appeared before the consumer with very assertive products. What’s in the A101?


Roborock s7 robot vacuum cleaner 12.999 TL, Brother sewing machine 2.299 TL, Homend tea machine 1.099 TL, Russell hobbs filter coffee machine 999 TL, Fakir hair dryer 329 TL, Poor vacuum cleaner 3.599 TL, Poor hair beard clipper 199 TL

Toshiba 55” android tv 7.999 TL, Samsung 40” smart tv 6.199 TL, Hi-level 39” led tv 3.299 TL, Xiaomi redmi 9c 3.799 TL


Seg dishwasher 4.299 TL, Seg washing machine 4.999 TL, Regal deep freezer 2.299 TL, Regal office type refrigerator 1.999 TL


Samsung microwave oven 1.999 TL, Arzum tea machine 549 TL, Flavel hand blender set 439 TL, Arzum ceramic base iron 429 TL, Kiwi waffle machine 349 TL, Aprilla hair and beard trimmer 149 TL, Felix digital scale 199 TL, Kiwi charged water pump 49.95 TL


Lava-patterned glass 14.95 TL, Lava striped soft drink glass 16.95 TL, Kütahya porcelain cup set 149.95 TL, Paşabahçe pedestal lidded serving plate 219.95 TL, Sinbo citrus juicer 379.95 TL, Steel coffee pot 69.95 TL, Taç pan and frying pan set 299.95 TL


Pilates ball 15.95 TL, Yoga roller 74.95 TL, Pilates yoga exercise band 5 pieces 25.95 TL, Counter jump rope 19.95 TL, Exercise wheel 44.95 TL, Hand and ankle weight set 31.95 TL, Sports gloves 44.95 TL, Metal push-up bar 44.95 TL, Suction cup puller 89.95 TL


Sinbo shoe rack 109.95 TL, Picnic table 179.95 TL, Floor table 179.95 TL, Mixed plastic products 19.95 TL, Folding kitchen products 49.95 TL, Mixed glass products 9.95 TL


Velvet non-slip living room carpet 399 TL, Double liquid-proof mattress pad 149 TL, Chair cover 22.95 TL, Men’s fleece neck cap 21.95 TL, Printed men’s beret 24.95 TL, Fisherman’s beret 24.95 TL, Women’s pearl beret 34.95 TL


Keskinoğlu frozen chicken breast meatballs 33.75 TL, HACIOĞLU FROZEN MEATBALLS 28.50 TL, Sultan veal coil sausage 39.95 TL, Pınar milk 20.50 TL, Torku light milk 18.95 TL, Pınar labneh 74.90 TL, Pınar breakfast toast cheese 99 TL, Torku cottage cheese 44.95 TL , Pınar breakfast cream 21.95 TL, Bendo triangle ravioli 16.90 TL, Fiskorella hazelnut cream 69.90 TL, Sinangil wheat flour 99.90 TL, Vince chocolate varieties 44.90 TL, Ülker canpare 4.95 TL


Mistral toilet paper 32 pieces 119 TL, 16 pieces Mistral paper towels 99 TL, Mendiva wet towels 49.50 TL, Sleepy extra diaper types 179 TL, Viking soft softener 49.90 TL, Highgenic liquid detergent 54 TL, Fairy power spray 39 TL, Biotol dish soap 39.95 TL, Gillette sensor 3 razor blades + 6 spare heads 99 TL