Revolt against LGBTI imposition and American colors | Utku Reyhan

The Family Meeting in Istanbul Saraçhane the previous day made a lot of noise. For the first time, a mass action was held in Turkey against Western-based LGBTI impositions. Different political views came together. Tens of thousands of people held their rally and marched in a dignified and respectful manner. This first action was a fundamental opposition to the imperialist mind, which marketed the LGBTI imposition under the guise of “freedom of sexual orientation”.

How do we understand the impact of the action? Out of the panic and hatred of the Biden opposition in Turkey, his press and the so-called artists’ team representing corruption. If “American coloreds” are offended, there must be something right.


Do not impose because the policy of imperialist states is not about personal rights. It is already under legal protection. The issue is the promotion of gender neutrality or gender reassignment as a policy from top to bottom, from the state to civil society, by all means. Everyone who spoke from the podium yesterday understood this fact. That’s why no one was targeted because of their sexual identity. The imposition from above was emphasized.

Under what conditions was this march done? It was held in conditions where the imposition of LGBTI by the imperialist bloc led by the USA was the least.

In conditions where the homosexuality of 2-3 year old children is desired to be normalized. At a time when the bodies of 8-10-year-old children were abused with puberty-retardant drugs and put under the knife. And in an environment where this is implemented as a “state policy”…

The US and European governments set aside billions of dollars in funds to fund the activities of LGBTI associations in the rest of the world. Rainbow flags are hoisted at the White House and at US embassies around the world. USA only? England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia… All of them encourage genderlessness as a state policy. Education curricula are being transformed for the needs and propaganda of this imposition. The giant brands of the USA have already painted their logos in the rainbow.

We are faced with the same indecent pressure in the field of culture and arts. Starting with Netflix and Disney, the US propaganda industry works like a machine. LGBTI characters are becoming commonplace in cartoons appealing to the 2-4 age group. Male genitalia are added to the baby girls we give as toys to 1-2 year old children. Just in the most curious age of discovery… They will say, “This is how it is done, this is normal.”

Why are they doing this? We examined it in our article titled “LGBT (ML)” dated 24 June 2022. This is a process intertwined with the destruction of the National State. Those who are interested can read. Let’s continue.


“American coloreds” preferred silence first. However, when they realized that the march would become massive, they took action at the same time as if they had been pressed the day before. After the march, they continued to vomit their hatred. Moreover, they displayed this hatred with the title of “hate speech”. They are not so ashamed.

A significant part of them is the so-called artist crew. Some are journalists, some are ‘phenomena’. Of course, the Biden alliance politicians were not missing.

They took it so far that they claimed that the action against the LGBTI imposition was a crime in terms of criminal law. Cumhuriyet, which targeted the action in the headline yesterday, defended it. And the so-called artist crew who write and draw on social media.

In fact, this is one of the events that best reflects why LGBTI propaganda is an imposition rather than a freedom issue. They have no tolerance for the opposite sound. They wanted the action to be banned first and then prosecuted.

It would be a crime to say “there are no LGBT children” in the world they dream of. Legal arrangements have already been made in this direction in some states of the USA and the EU. Moreover, the so-called “polyphonic” social media platforms have been muting the voices against the LGBTI imposition for a long time. Accounts are suspended, posts are deleted, penalties are applied.


Voices began to rise all over the world against this scientific and inhuman imposition. The average conscience of humanity realized that something was wrong. Scientists also began to raise their voices. This is such a subject that it will form one of the main axes of power struggles all over the world in the upcoming period. In Hungary, Orban’s open stance on this issue was decisive in his victory. Who is for imperialism and its imposition, who is for the national state and humanity. The lines will become clear.

Do not pay attention to the voices of the main actors of the LGBTI imposition on social media. They live there. The mediocre of the stage world play to the applause of their “smoky-headed” environment. They think that exposing the female body for male enjoyment is a woman’s freedom, just as they think waving rainbow cloths on stage is an “opposite” act. Fortunately, its effects are limited.

The Turkish nation, on the other hand, sees the truth. You cannot allow an adoptive parent to accept the LGBTI imposition. Empathy of those who are parents develops. She dreams that her own child goes under the knife for gender reassignment, is abused in the name of “freedom”, and enters a process that ends in identity crises, drugs, and suicide. Talking before becoming a parent is easy. But things change when you take charge of a third person, a dependent person. You begin to see results more realistically. Let alone being a parent, a person who has seen a baby, watched it for 5 minutes and felt its innocence and beauty cannot chase after this disgrace.


Because of this, the Diyarbakır Families and the Saraçhane Families standing guard in front of the HDP are brothers.

They defend not only their own children, but also the future of their country and humanity. Because a child means the future. On the other hand, it is not surprising that the so-called artist team, who did not give a damn about the PKK abducting 9-year-old children through the HDP, and did not make a sentence for the sake of Allah, are the voluntary propagandists of the LGBTI imposition targeting children. They’re anti-children. After all, weren’t these demons who defended 16-year-old (child) AT’s half-naked stage show as “freedom”?

It is the duty of this state to protect children and youth. And he will surely do. But it is also the duty of society. We do too, we will…

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