Retirement recipients beware! You must apply within the last 7 days! It will start this morning!

If you want to benefit from the campaigns where you can use cash credit by making your applications through your pension accounts, you can use credit within 7 days through these campaigns where you can perform your transactions before applying.

In the new Pension Loan campaign launched by Garanti Bank and Yapı Kredi Bank, people who will carry their pension to the bank within 7 days and use consumer loans will be provided with both high-limit, retirement promotion and high-limit credit.

Garanti Bank and Yapı Kredi Bank, which will act in support of the citizens experiencing economic difficulties, also announced that they will give credits of up to 100000 TL with a maturity of twenty-four months to the retirees, who will make their applications after the announcements they have made on the official website and will make their salary and transportation transactions.


Garanti Bank Banks announced that they will provide loans under certain conditions to all citizens who want to apply for consumer loans through your pension accounts.

Garanti Bank, if you want to apply for a consumer loan and you want to make your application through these banks immediately, you can go to the nearest branch and make transactions with your ID. Citizens, who can apply for loans using the bank’s mobile application, are provided with high-end consumer loans and debt settlement loans within 5 minutes via internet banking applications.


People who will make their applications through Yapı Kredi Bank can make transactions by sending an SMS on their mobile phones or by entering the bank’s website and filling out the loan application form here. Citizens who will apply for loans through Yapı Kredi Bank can get loan approval from this bank by sending a paid message.

If you want to apply for a loan via SMS, write your individual tc ID, monthly income and date of birth, leave a space and send a message to 44 11, you will apply for a loan through Yapı Kredi Bank. Citizens whose loan application has been approved will be able to go to the nearest bank branch and perform their transactions and deposit these approved loans into their accounts and use them within the same day.

By transferring your pension to this bank, you will be able to get a loan by taking advantage of lower interest rates in accordance with the conditions, if you receive your approved loans within 7 days, which can apply for a loan.