Retirement Payment Passed by the Parliament, Remained for Signature! Retirement Payment on 1-2-3 February

Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank and Halkbank, which are state-supported public banks for all retirees who will use consumer loans by taking advantage of interest rates, announced that they will make loan payments with appropriate interest rates with the campaign they have made. Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank, announced that they will make loan payments to all citizens who will make loan payments with appropriate interest rates, if they comply with the specified loan policies, with this campaign.


All citizens who want to participate in campaigns where you can get cash by making their applications through their pension accounts will be able to quickly perform their transactions if they comply with the bank loan policies, and they will be able to use consumer loans by getting loan approval from the bank at any time.

With these cash payments, which will be given to all citizens whose salaries are above the public banks, the people who will carry out the loan transactions do not need to comply with the bank loan policies in order to participate in these loans, which they can take with a 3-month deferral.

Ziraat Bank Vakifbank HalkbankIn this loan campaign, which has been started for all citizens who have an account in their own bank, the loans that have been approved by the Parliament and will be given with low interest are starting in February. You can participate in these campaigns, where you can make your loan applications as of February 1 and get low-interest loans by making your application until the end of February, by filling out the consumer loan application form on the official website of the banks. All citizens who comply with bank policies, if they want to use consumer loans other than bank loan terms, can also take loans from these banks by taking advantage of the state-supported interest rates to close their debts in other banks.

If you use an internet banking application for loans up to 50000 TL, you can also apply for a loan 24/7 via mobile applications.