Retired spacecraft takes last photo of Mars

NASA’s Mars spacecraft InSight has recorded a new photo from Mars as it prepares to end its mission.

The researchers say this photo is likely the last image the spacecraft was able to record.

According to Independent Turkish’s report, InSight, which has been on Mars for a while, will soon be scrapped.

The windy and dusty environment of Mars causes the panels of the solar-powered spacecraft to become dirty and not able to make enough use of light.

That’s why NASA planned to end the vehicle’s operations by the end of this summer.

The team in charge of operations posted the photo from InSight on Monday, December 19, on the spacecraft’s Twitter account.


in sharing “I’m very low on energy, so this might be the last image I can send. Don’t feel sorry for me though. My days here have been both productive and quiet. If I can keep talking to my mission team, I will. But soon I will be leaving you. Thanks for being with me” statements were included.

In the photo, which the researchers processed and shared, the dome-shaped seismometer as well as the Martian landscape covered with stone and dust are seen.

InSight landed on the Red Planet in 2018. Since then, it has led to some extremely important discoveries.

Making unprecedented measurements of seismic activity and earthquakes on the planet, the spacecraft last recorded the largest earthquake ever known on Mars a few days ago.

The earthquake, which was announced by the vehicle in May 2022, is 4.2 magnitude.

Most scientists thought the Red Planet was seismically stationary before InSight began measurements in 2019.