Reste rest in the National Team!.. Players were shown the door…

The crisis, which has been going on for the last month in the Spain Women’s National Football Team, has escalated that a group of players “lost their excitement and has mental health problems” due to the working environment in the team.

15 national football players, by sending an e-mail to the RFEF separately, announced that they would leave the national team if coach Vilda is not dismissed.

The initiative of women footballers found support neither in the RFEF nor in the Spanish press.

RFEF, in its written statement, emphasized that the football players cannot decide on the continuity of the coach and supported Vilda, the coach who has a contract until 2024.

Reminding that a football player who is called to the national team in accordance with the legislation in Spain may be banned from the field for 2 to 5 years if he does not participate in the camp, RFEF said that he will not resort to this way, will not apply pressure to the players, will not only invite those who do not want to wear the Spanish National Team jersey to the squad, and will continue on his way with young and inexperienced players if necessary. announced.

The Spanish press also condemned the women’s national football players by giving the protests with the headlines “Rebellion” and “Unacceptable blackmail”, stating that such a thing would never be acceptable and that the national team would be above everything.

On the other hand, it was seen that among the 15 national football players in question, those who played in Real Madrid and Alexia Putellas, the winner of the Golden Ball award, were not.

The unrest in the women’s national team came to the fore frequently in the last two games of the World Cup Qualifications played in August, and some players said that they did not want coach Vilda in their verbal statements.

Spain will compete in the World Cup, which will be held from 20 July to 20 August 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

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