Renewable energy has become a new employment door


It is estimated that employment in the world exclusively in renewable energy is 12.7 million. While the report underlined that the renewable energy field in general is one of the areas where the growth will continue and employment will be increased, it recommended that governments and the sector develop searches for jobs that can be done at home for strong employment growth.

In the study, it was pointed out that the main factor driving the increase in employment in renewable energy is the size of the domestic market. It was emphasized that the fastest growing sector in renewable energy is solar energy, and 4.3 million people globally are employed in jobs created through this sector. In the report prepared jointly by ILO and IRENA, it was pointed out that renewable energy is critical not only for employment but also for decent work, combating climate change and improving supply chains.

Europe focuses on wind energy

While the report defined renewable energy as a new area of ​​employment creation and offered to support the public, it also suggested focusing on jobs that can be done from home in accordance with the new period. Accordingly, renewable energy proved a strong job creation effect. It was also among the recommendations that the public should develop policies for jobs that can be done from home, and that the industry should be supported by taking into account the job creation capacity in this direction. It was emphasized that this factor would contribute not only to employment but also to the healthy functioning of energy supply.

In the report, it was stated that Southeast Asian countries stood out in PV and biofuel production, China’s investments in wind increased, while European countries focused on wind energy.