Remarkable statements from Erden Timur in Galatasaray! What happened during the transfer period? Arda Turan, Okan Buruk, salaries…


Galatasaray Sportive Inc. Vice President Erden TimurHe made important statements in the “Mevzu Galatasaray” program broadcast on GS TV.

Here are the highlights of Erden Timur’s statements;

My father is from Galatasaray. My father, who made me a Galatasaray fan, is actually a liberal, he leaves everyone free to think. My brother-in-law made me from Galatasaray. He wasn’t actually my brother-in-law then. He used to take me to Mersin İdmanyurdu matches. Thanks to him, I became a Galatasaray fan. When I made a sponsorship agreement with Galatasaray 7-8 years ago, I called my brother-in-law. That’s when I saw the tunnel for the first time. It was a very emotional time for me. I called him to thank him. I am always grateful to him for making me a Galatasaray player.


Safety is hard work… In this process, I lost 6-7 kilos. After relaxing, I gained 3 kilos back. I always work very hard. I lost weight for the first time. If you make mistakes in your own business, you pay the price yourself. If you make a mistake here, you don’t pay the price.



One keeps a team through the elder of the family. He keeps it because he is winning, because he is successful, because he has a place in society. After a certain age, the values ​​must be completely matched with their own values. When the values ​​are separate, that passion gradually decreases. The values ​​of being from Galatasaray are very important for the society. If a person is born in a place, he is born for his country. The creation of man is indebtedness. My father always said what is the benefit to society. Galatasaray’s aim is to benefit society. A place where a high school of over 500 years has its roots. I always told the players this during the transfer. This is a unique place in the world. This is something everyone brags about. Educational institution creates values ​​dedicated to society


Our President, Dursun, met with me while he was distributing the task. We started the process together. Then, as you know, because it was in the media, there was a topic. I was vice chairman of the board of directors. Because we are young, we sometimes act on our emotions. I was the vice president at first, but after some things happened, I asked permission. I wanted not to get involved. There were people who came to my house that night, Eray Brother said, ‘You are being unfair to us, you are letting us down.’ I am assertive in my own feelings and thoughts, I am right at that moment. I actually don’t leave it alone. They said, ‘If you’re telling this much, you’re definitely leaving it alone. I said, ‘Then I will enter Sportif A.Ş.’ I wouldn’t have left it alone. He was vice president first, that’s what happened. I was going to take care of the infrastructure in Sportif AŞ as well, it was out of the question to deal with the A team. 5-6 days after the election, our President, Dursun, entrusted this task, thank you.



I stand out. Again, like in basketball, it’s teamwork. Many people have labor. Thank you to everyone here. Especially the president and all members of the management. In the end, they trusted us and gave us full authority. Then I would like to thank our teacher Okan. He really worked day and night. The actor watched, did everything. The current team did their job. Every night, Ayhan Hodja, Emre and the actor were watched. I also thank them very much. You couldn’t leave Florya before 4 am. May those who bring us tea at night, may they be right, I thank them as well. Uğur Yıldız, Cenk Ergün did very important work. 13 players received, 26 players sent. Everything was done in 2 months.



Marco is gone. It made us money. Nelson got a very serious offer. Sacha Boey deserves it. Thanks to the old management. First of all, I would like to thank my teacher Fatih. Such players were taken. We all know the feeling of being a fan very well. Sometimes we get angry, but… Alpaslan Dikmen Our brother has a very good word. Thank you to everyone who took a stone and carried it somewhere for Galatasaray. It is necessary to understand everyone with their faults and virtues. Thanks to Emre Akbaba, Emre Kılınç, Ömer, Taylan, Atalay, and everyone who went, whose names I can’t count.


People’s decision making is not just money. One must put himself in the other’s shoes. We had a criterion. We need my guaranteed players as a strategy. Guaranteed players mean? Then we set a criterion. Elite clubs will receive 4-5 offers from six clubs and from teams in 5 major leagues. He will be a Winner character, he will come for the trophy. When it comes to a guaranteed player, but he prefers more money, he cannot come here and perform. A player whose priority will not be money. How do you know? If it comes to the same money or less money. It is litmus. In Turkey, his salary has always been multiplied by 2 and 3. 4 years and 5 contracts were given. How were we persuaded there by the price? Of the players we recruited, 4 came in for less than the offered and current salaries. We have given one more than 140 thousand euros. Others came to the same salary


Remarkable statements from Erden Timur in Galatasaray What happened during the transfer period Arda Turan, Okan Buruk, salaries...


Our average age this year is 2 years lower than last year. The average age was lower last year as well. Among the players we received, there were 2 players who received offers from elite teams. Some players also need to be experienced. Elite teams also have players aged 36-37-38-39 or transferred players. How did we convince? We explained the plan. One is convinced of vision, sincerity, determination. The most important is sincerity. Sincerity has no language or culture. It passes to the heart. Rationality is very important, but when one brain tries to convince 5 brains; The heart conquers 1000 hearts and comes. We have a 5-year plan. We will be European champions again. This is our medium term plan. We explained what we do, the places we work, our organizations, our projects, and our new generation professional structuring. We talked about the financing. We told you everything. It takes a long time, of course.



In this year’s strategy, we also thought about the next season. We needed guaranteed players this season. It’s not easy, the team finished 13th last season. We also need to sign short-term contracts with guaranteed players, for better next year. Even if we did something wrong, we can get right back. The contracts of our 4 players are 1 year. These are the people who earn high salaries. He is 30 years old and has Oliveira, who signed a 4-year contract, and had a 4-year contract with Porto. Salaries have dropped. Bonuses are very different. Very small numbers. Extra time options are always 20-25 games, the first 11. 45 minutes, there are players we put. We negotiated that there too, no overtime.


Regardless of the age, they want 4-5 year contracts, especially at the age of the last contract. They require at least 3 years. The reason we signed 1-year contracts is to plan the next year as well. We are making very important plans for next year. We have more details. We now have 6-7 months like our competitors for the next summer transfer. We have different strategies. We will go to a different structure in terms of Scouting. There will be different things in the administrative structure. We divide abroad into 7 different regions. According to him, it will be scouting. Player analysis tracking will work in a different way. These will be monitored with a software. The elements of success will develop and change. There will be players that he will hire next season. We will take our young transfers and send them to other clubs and watch their development. We have such plans


How do I find the team? I can say that I am very satisfied. I will speak realistically. There is no resentment to be taken. Game needs time. There were such players in terms of athletics, but we have to go to the names we want, but guaranteed. We could improve in athletics. He could also have high athletic potential. We need to develop it. He got 6-7 star players who were backed up very seriously in every region, backed up by career and talented names. There was Drogba and Sneijder all the way back 12 years. There were also high-quality, valuable names among them. Our competitors’ squads were also good last year, they improved it even more. There is no match in the last 35 seasons, where 4 greats and 4 greats have formed a good squad to win so many championships.


Let me tell you personally, it is necessary to weigh how much the hard reaction and speaking part is beneficial. Is it beneficial, let me tell you what it causes before the interlocutor. Put yourself in TFF’s place. I want to understand the event well. You are face to face with the decision maker, you are talking. Criticize face-to-face, say anything. Toughness, determination, resilience are shown to the face of man. You showed it there. You go out, it’s blowing outside, you’re roaring. I’m not saying anything to those who do, everyone has a yogurt eater. That person says he is sending a message to his fans outside. You are displaying an insincere attitude towards that person and people.


We are considering a jubilee for Arda Turan. We also consider other players who have served Galatasaray and not jubilee.


Feghouli explained himself, he started legal proceedings. That’s how the process is. Certain payments are made. A lot of money is paid. Management, we all give money out of our pockets. People who have played here for years need to be more careful in a certain way