Remarkable report from ENAG: The economic outlook is frightening

In its 2022 Turkish Economy Analysis Report, ENAG stated that the economic outlook was “frightening” and stated, “Misapplications in monetary and fiscal policy, weak growth and institutional weakening have reduced the resource distribution in the economy with a broader approach, and today’s disorganized appearance has emerged”. given.

With the depreciation of the Turkish lira and record inflation, the cost of living has increased dramatically in the last year. The new minimum wage, announced as 8 thousand 506 liras by the government, which shows chain markets instead of economic policy, has already melted with the increase in the new year.

Inflation Research Group (ENAG), 2022 Turkish Economy Analysis report has been published. In the report, it was noted that the biggest problem of 2022 is the high rate of price increase, and it was stated that high inflation both reduced revenues and caused discomfort by the prices encountered.

In the report, in which it is written that Turkey has had a weak growth performance since 2018, it was emphasized that Turkey always grew below its potential, leaving the base effect aside. This situation was analyzed with the statements “It reveals that there is a lack of planning in the weak growth process, which is an indication that all the investments and expenditures that have been made so far have been realized with an ineffective method.”


In the report, it was also stated that the situation in the financial markets is dark and that alternative investment tools are destroyed by the “interest determination approach”. It was noted that stock market redirects both create a bubble and increase income inequality.