Reha Muhtar lost custody of her child, who allegedly used violence

WALL – The court announced its interim decision in the temporary custody case filed by mother Deniz Uğur on the grounds that former newscaster Reha Muhtar used violence against her child.

Actress Deniz Uğur filed a complaint last week alleging that her ex-husband Reha Muhtar used violence against her 13-year-old daughter. Uğur claimed that Muhtar beat his 13-year-old daughter for not giving her the laptop, and that the resisting child bit her hands holding the computer.

According to the news of DHA, Reha Muhtar, Deniz Uğur and their children attended the hearing held at the Istanbul Anatolian 1st Family Court. The lawyers of the parties were present at the hearing. Reha Muhtar’s lawyers demanded that the hearing be held in secret. The court accepted the request.


Announcing its interim decision, the court ruled that the temporary custody of MD Muhtar, whose custody is in his father’s custody, should be given to his mother Deniz Uğur for 2 months. In addition, it was decided that Reha Muhtar should not make words or behaviors involving violence, insult, humiliation or humiliation for 2 months, and not to approach their residence, school or workplace for 2 months. The custody of their other children, PD Muhtar, remained with Reha Muhtar on the grounds that “there could not be an opinion on violence”. On the other hand, if Reha Muhtar acts contrary to the requirements of the decision, he will be subjected to forced imprisonment from 3 days to 10 days. (NEWS CENTER)

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