Reha Muhtar is violent to our daughter

Deniz Uğur responded to the allegations that his ex-wife Reha Muhtar used violence against their 13-year-old daughter.

Actress Deniz Uğur claimed that her ex-wife, server Reha Muhtar, used violence against her 13-year-old daughter. Uğur announced that his daughter was subjected to violence by Muhtar and received a report of assault.

The actress clarified that her 13-year-old daughter was subjected to violence and her psychology was broken.

Deniz Ugur; “My legs are shaking right now. I would never want to come to the fore with such an issue, neither for myself nor for my children. It is not befitting of us, but as a mother, I have to protect my children.” used the phrase.

Deniz Uğur: Reha Muhtar is violent to our daughter #1

“My hands are tied”

luck; “If you have followed his social media posts, he is making very strange claims about the late father of my first son. That I’m a gang leader, a spy, being messed with somehow. Here we are faced with a psychological situation.

My hands have been tied here for years. I wanted so much, let’s go to the family therapist. Let’s get help for the kids somehow.” Ugur said; “I don’t want Reha Bey to be lynched. I want him to get better. I want my children to get well too. There was no situation that left a trace like this before, there was no report of assault. That’s why I couldn’t save it.” he said.

Deniz Uğur: Reha Muhtar is using violence against our daughter #2

“There are bruises”

Deniz Uğur continued his words as follows; “Pressure is put on my children, when they go to their fathers and their complaints are withdrawn with all kinds of manipulations. When he came home when I picked him up from school last Monday, he had been at their father’s the previous week. He had bite marks on his hands. He had bruises on his arms and legs, and he told me how it happened, how it happened. They used to be small, it was so easy to be silenced. Now they tell if they are not silenced. I believe I will get a result, they used to be small now they are 13 years old. They are talking now.

He said to me, ‘You have a son with autism, you are dealing with those expenses. Let me hand over your children and I’ll pay for all their education. May you have all your maternity rights. We sign a legal contract.’ so I gave it.

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“There is violence at home”

Everything was fine when the children were little. When the children got older, they started to tell. The violence against those who work at home, the violence they see, the pressure that you can’t talk to your mother while you’re in this house, you can’t communicate, I filed a lawsuit after that. The court left custody in the father only exacerbated after he won it. There is a suspension decision for 1 month. Since we have submitted the assault report to the prosecutor, it is forbidden to approach the children and me for a month. We will get help, we will get support. Our traumatized children will do whatever it takes.” he said.

She shared her daughter’s statement

Reha Muhtar’s response to these allegations was not delayed. Muhtar shared on his Twitter account. “They are trying to use my children to play very bad games to get more money as requested in court with lies, slander and manipulation.” said.

Deniz Uğur: Reha Muhtar is violent towards our daughter #4

On the other hand, Muhtar also shared his child’s statement. Mina, daughter of Reha Muhtar and Deniz Uğur, in her statement “I gave the other statement so that my father would know my worth. Even though we argue, I always want to stay by my father’s side. I said with a momentary anger that I was complaining about my father. I definitely do not suffer physical violence from my father.” said.

“Mom, I don’t want to live with this man”

Saying that her daughter was beaten and her psychology deteriorated, Deniz Uğur responded to Reha Muhtar’s statement with her daughter’s message. 13-year-old Mina sent a message to her mother Uğur. “Mom, I don’t want to live with this man.” used his statements.

Deniz Uğur: Reha Muhtar is violent towards our daughter #5

Deniz Uğur: Reha Muhtar is violent towards our daughter #6

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