Refusal of Poland’s World War II compensation request from Germany

Refusal of Poland’s claim for compensation from Germany

Baerbock held a press conference during his visit to the Polish capital on the occasion of the 7th Warsaw Security Forum.

Referring to the issue of World War II reparations between his country and Poland, Baerbock addressed his counterpart Zbigniew Rau and said, “From the perspective of the German government, the issue of reparations, as you know, is closed.” said.

Rau signed an official memo yesterday demanding approximately 1.3 trillion euros in compensation.

Germany recalls that in the years after the war it paid reparations to the Eastern Bloc countries and land was given to Poland.


On the other hand, speaking at the forum, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak called on NATO and said that more pressure should be applied to Russia.

“Until Russia is ready to accept a political solution that guarantees Ukraine’s long-term security, we need to provide broad and comprehensive support to Ukraine,” Blaszczak said. said.

“What Kiev can achieve at the negotiating table is very closely related to the situation on the battlefield,” the Polish Minister said. used the phrase.

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