Redmond: Super League is a league above my expectations

English football player Nathan Redmond, one of Beşiktaş’s new transfers, made statements at the press conference held at Nevzat Demir Tesisleri.

Stating that it is a much better league than he expected, Nathan Redmond said, “This is much better than I expected. The facility environment, the pitches, the atmosphere of our stadium is very good. The atmosphere in our stadium is similar to the one in England. I can say that it is lower than the Premier League in terms of game pace. England You can’t understand how the matches go in ‘You can’t understand how the matches go because the tempo is so fast. Maybe I can say that the pace of the game is slower in the Super League. After coming from a place like England, of course it makes a difference for me here. In England, the players sometimes try to get fouls to deceive the referee. But the game continues because the referees don’t believe it. In Turkey, sometimes easy fouls are committed. This damages the flow of the game, but we are a team that plays for the championship. Our opponents can also slow down the game to get points from us, and enter into some situations to relieve our pressure. We will fight against this as well. ‘ he said.

“The love and support of the fans was incredible”

Expressing that the interest of the black and white fans impressed him, Redmond said, “The most important thing I have felt since I came to Turkey is the endless love and support of the fans. Even though we did not get the results we wanted during the two matches, the love and support of the fans was incredible. We have more than a week ahead of us. “For the derby. We will do our best for them,” he said.

“Guardiola asked why I wasn’t as good as the previous season”

Asked if he had spoken to Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola during his time at Southampton, Redmond said, “I didn’t perform very well in that game. Last season, despite this, I played very well against Manchester City in both games and scored a goal. “He asked me why my performance decreased compared to the previous season. I said that we played defensively with the new coach. He said how good a player I was and complimented me. The general subject of the conversation was the comparison of the games played in the previous season with that season. He asked me why I wasn’t as good as last season.”

“Beşiktaş formed a team with those with Premier League experience”

Expressing that the black and white team has formed a new team with players with Premier League experience, Redmond said, “The contribution of the players playing in the Premier League, the best league in the world, to the team is very important with experience. We are a new team. Many players have just joined and we know each other, we know each other. “We learn which features of ours are better. The aim of the players, who bring this experience here, as a group, is to win matches for Beşiktaş. We will succeed in this,” he said.

“After listening to Ismael’s projects, I wanted to come here”

Giving information about his arrival to Beşiktaş, Redmond said, “There were some offers from England. In Southampton, my manager and my family were trying to find the best solution to get out of there. Beşiktaş also had an interest. After talking to the coach, Dele Alli, After I liked the interest of this place, I decided to embark on a new adventure. I had clearer ideas about stepping out of my comfort zone and coming to such a different place. This meeting would not end here if I explained every offer that came to me. There is a difference between rumors and facts and official documents, there may be rumors “I saw that the players from the other Premier League here form an above-standard team. My meetings with the coach also had very different effects, I had video interviews with him. After listening to Ismael’s projects, my desire to come here increased a lot,” he said.

“It’s important where you will be when the league is over”

Speaking about the criticism made after the results of the last 2 weeks in the league, the English football player said: “We are 2 points behind at the moment. That’s how life is, it’s like football. Sometimes you wake up unhappy and sometimes happy, but you have to get out of bed and start the day. The season is not a season that ends in October, but until May. It continues. Where you will be when the league is over is important. The match is won and lost, but the important thing is to keep fighting. This is also in the nature of football. According to my experience so far, we need our fans very much. The support of the fans is very important in these ups and downs. The league is an ongoing game. process, we’re not in a bad situation as points.”

“Beckham said I should enjoy it here”

Expressing that David Beckham told him about his experiences, Redmond said, “He played football in Italy, Spain, England. He said that the best times of his career were outside England. As a recommendation, Vodafone Park has a very different experience. He said that I should make good use of this place because it has an atmosphere and that I should enjoy it here.”

“My best positions are left and right wing”

Stating that his best positions are left and right wing, Redmond said, “When I was 17, my coach in Birmingham played me in different positions. I played 8, 9 and 10 positions like wing back. “I had bonus player features. He told me the importance of taking part in different positions in order to understand the game. These brought a lot of benefits to me,” he said.