Record from that country: More than 90 percent of vehicles sold are electric

Norway is way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to electric cars. The country’s target for all vehicles sold by 2025 to be electric will likely be reached sooner.

As the whole world transitions to electric vehicles, one country is way ahead of everyone else: Norway. Norway, the northernmost Scandinavian country in Europe, aims to make all cars sold electric by 2025. It seems that the country will achieve this goal sooner.

9 out of 10 vehicles sold are electric

According to the latest figures, 89.3 percent of vehicles sold in Norway are electric. While 81.6% of these vehicles are fully electric, 7.7% are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. On the other hand, sales of all-electric vehicles in Norway increased by 7.8 percent year-on-year, while sales of hybrid vehicles decreased by almost 10 percent. It even announced that Hyundai will sell only fully electric vehicles in the country by 2023.

Peak Tesla

According to the latest data Norway’The best-selling electric car in Europe, as in the whole of Europe Tesla Model Y. Tesla is followed by Volkswagen ID.4, followed by BMW i4 in third place. There is not a big difference between the second and the fifth on the list, but Model Y has almost tripled its closest competitor.

Norway may set another record with the arrival of December’s data. Because electric vehicle sales continue to increase continuously in the country. This seems to have been influenced by the incentives, the ever-decreasing prices of electric vehicles, and the diversified number of models. While the increase is expected to continue in the coming months, it is almost certain that the country will reach its 2025 targets earlier.

Similar targets of other countries point to the years 2030-2035. Although electric car sales in Turkey increased by 157 percent compared to the previous year, they only have a 1.2 percent slice in terms of market share. Meanwhile, 6,214 electric cars were sold in Turkey in the January-November period of 2022.