Real estate investments of foreigners will exceed 6 billion


Foreign direct investments in the balance of payments have been on the decline recently. On the other hand, the pace of foreign real estate investments is increasing.

Real estate investments of foreigners, which approached the limit of 5.9 billion dollars in 2018 and 5.6 billion dollars in 2021, reached 3 billion 791 million dollars in the January-July period of 2022, an increase of 41.93 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. In the same period of the previous year, the amount was 2 billion 671 million dollars. As of July, the amount was determined as 6 billion 754 million dollars in annualized data. As of June 2021, the annualized amount was 4 billion 807 million dollars.

In the balance of payments, net capital inflow is explained as the difference between inbound and outbound investments. Investments in real estate are also included in the incoming investments. In the balance of payments, all kinds of investments that fall under the definition of foreign direct investment other than real estate are shown under the capital item. In this item, net inflows are shown by subtracting liquidations from incoming investments. According to the balance of payments statistics, while the foreign capital inflow due to real estate investments in Turkey was 17.21 percent of net capital inflow in 2006, this rate has increased rapidly in the following years and has been over 30 percent since 2013, sometimes 50 percent. was formed in. In 2017, it rose to 90 percent and 2021 was completed with 76,47 percent.

While foreign direct investments did not show a significant increase both in the net account and in non-real estate areas shown under the capital item, the increase in foreign capital inflows for real estate investments drew attention. Since 2006, this is the only item that has not fluctuated as a general trend and has continuously increased. In terms of the level it has reached, as of 2022, real estate investments are 6 billion dollars annually. dollar has become the most important item in keeping foreign capital investments stable compared to previous years.