Reaction to Marvel’s Sabra character: Israel is making propaganda

Khelil explained that the Sabra character was met with such a great reaction today, that it contains some racist elements in the comics and insulting Arabs, rather than the origin of the name.

Explaining that Arabs are portrayed as confrontational and Israelis as superheroes in the comic, Khelil said:

“The bomb of the Arab terrorist kills the Arab boy whom everyone is friends with, then Sabra starts crying for the boy who died. Here, while depicting the character sympathetically, they are also trying to cover up the Arab-Israeli conflict. They are involved in the death or murder of an Arab, and I say ‘kill and cry. ‘ fashion, but in reality it’s just a game Israelis play to show their humanity. They empathize with the corpse, but not for a living Arab who is often portrayed as a character.”

Khelil stated that the murdered Arab boy named Sahad in the comic is portrayed as poor, uneducated and a thief. “He’s lying that he has a family,” she said.

Noting that people’s common concerns about the movie are that it will be presented with stereotypical and inhumane depictions of Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims, just like in the comics, Khelil said:

“I think the main issue is that the character has a very ‘sympathetic’ connection to the Israeli government, and especially to the security and intelligence services. In the past, while portraying these organizations as defensive and sympathetic, I think that Palestinians’ plight, basic human rights, or that the Israeli apartheid regime has been around for a long time and that Palestinians are either directly occupied or under occupation. it doesn’t even touch on the fact that they lived under the brutal apartheid regime.”