Reaction from Erden Timur after Galatasaray-Gaziantep FK match: This will end somehow

Erden Timur, Deputy Chairman of Galatasaray Sportif AŞ, made a statement after the 2-1 win against Gaziantep FK.

Timur said, “It was the game in which we played the best set game among the matches so far,” said Timur, “We put up a great fight after 10 people remained. I congratulate my players one by one. We won the match with a tough struggle. I would like to talk about football. We said that when we started the season, next year “The Turkish League will be the 6th Great League.” It may seem far away, but believe me, it has not been long since we celebrated August 30. It is obvious what will be achieved. However, having to beat the referees in every match has become commonplace. In this match, no one will call a yellow card, even though the referee is very close to this decision. It was said at the TFF meeting about 5-6 days ago. There were 8-9 issues, as we determined immediately after each match. A few days ago, although one of the opposing teams was very clear, the penalty was not awarded. There are ten things to count. This should not always be the reward for behaving in good faith.. It’s easy to yell. Making raid visits to the TFF is easy for anyone. Those who do evil must suffer the consequences of those who do their responsibilities. We are having the necessary negotiations with our interlocutors. We did it clearly today,” he said.

Noting that they will always be in a way that befits Galatasaray values, Erden Timur continued:

“However, we could have won and lost the game differently after 10 players remained today. But we want the intentional intentions to be questioned. These intentions are made not only against us, but also against the management style of the newly elected Federation. All stakeholders of the football family should be supported for the development of Turkish football. But we won’t do it when it’s intentional. As long as these things happen, we’re going to come out and say what’s needed. We will not stop to say. We will go out and defend our rights. Galatasaray does not have to beat the referees in every match. There are penalties, there are fouls. Without intent, these are not possible. The intentions of those who intend to do so need to be questioned. This will end somehow. However, we will fight on every platform until the end.

Erden Timur, who made the statement that “We will support this order so that it does not continue like this,” said, “All stakeholders should be supported. So far we have persevered. But as a result of our patience, we saw different things. We fulfill the right to be at every table by going everywhere and explaining it to the interlocutors after every match. We will continue this. The football family needs to protect all its stakeholders. We see our teams in Europe. Galatasaray is a community that brought the Olympics and many branches to this country. We’re just not at the level of being nice to our own fans. “We will continue to do what we did first,” he said.


Regarding the transfers of Kaan Ayhan and Icardi, Erden Timur said, “I can’t say anything about the transfers, but in a few days they will all come. I know everyone’s expectations. We started the transfer three months after the competitors. There is no time and there is a reality financially. No matter how much money you put in as manager and president, income is not accepted as Financial Fair Play. Since last year, our income is over 52 million Euros. There is a lack of income: We have to get very good players. Our strategy was to get players who had bids from the 5 Major Leagues and that we wouldn’t go wrong. We had a very difficult season last year. We have to make the transfers in accordance with the FFP. So we waited for the first week of September. Perhaps expectations may drop in the last days of August. As of tomorrow, the necessary transfers will come to our country on Wednesday and Thursday. I won’t tell you how much. Everyone will see‘ he declared.

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