Queen Russia, Belarus and Myanmar were not invited to Elizabeth’s funeral

3 countries not invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

According to the information provided by the sources from the British Prime Minister’s Residence Number 10 to the national news agency PA Media, Russia, Belarus and Myanmar were not invited to attend the Queen’s funeral, while Iran was invited at the ambassadorial level.

died at the age of 96 England About 500 senior officials from around the world are expected to attend the Queen’s funeral.

Unusual protocol planned at Queen’s funeral

According to the news of the website Politico, for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, who died on Thursday, September 8, on September 19, the British embassies were sent a message by the British Foreign Ministry on how to make the official protocol at the weekend.

In the message, it was stated that the ceremony at Westminster Abbey Church will be overcrowded, and the heads of state or government who will attend the ceremony will only have room for themselves and one person who will be with them, such as their spouses.

It was emphasized that it is not possible for the leaders’ teams or people other than their families to attend the ceremony. It was stated that if the leaders do not attend, a high-level official such as a minister can attend the ceremony to represent them.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II of England died on Thursday, September 8, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland’s Aberdeenshire region, where she spent her summer vacation.

The Queen’s funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey Church in London on Monday, September 19th.

After the ceremony here, the Queen’s body was buried in St. Windsor Castle, one of the permanent residences of the British Royal family. George’s Chapel, where the burial will take place.

* The image of the news is provided by the Associated Press.

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