Quarter-final pairings in Turkish Cup announced

While the first half of the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League was completed with the 15th week competitions, the teams that will take part in the Bitci Turkey Cup were determined.

As a result of the matches played in the first half of the league, ranked in the top 8; Fenerbahçe Beko, Türk Telekom, Pınar Karşıyaka, Anadolu Efes, Frutti Extra Bursaspor, Bahçeşehir College, Darüşşafaka and Galatasaray Nef Bitci earned the right to compete in the Turkish Cup.

According to the format, the teams that completed the first half of the league in the top 4 (Fenerbahçe Beko, Türk Telekom, Pınar Karşıyaka and Anadolu Efes) and the teams in the second 4 (Frutti Extra Bursaspor, Bahçeşehir Koleji, Darüşşafaka and Galatasaray Nef) were divided into 2 bags and the pairings were drawn. determined by shooting.

– Quarterfinal matchups

Frutti Extra Bursaspor – Fenerbahce Beko
Galatasaray Nef – Turk Telekom
Pinar Karsiyaka – Darussafaka
Bahçeşehir College – Anadolu Efes

After the quarter-finals, which will be played over a single match between 14-15 February 2023, the semi-finalist teams will come together in Konya for the organization of the Final Four.

The winner of the Frutti Extra Bursaspor-Fenerbahçe Beko pairing in the quarter-finals will compete against the winner of the Bahçeşehir College-Anadolu Efes pairing in the Final Four. The winner of the Galatasaray Nef-Türk Telekom match will also face the team that won the Pınar Karşıyaka-Darüşşafaka fight in the Final Four..

– Ömer Onan: “I think the rivalry in the league will continue in the Turkish Cup”

Making statements before the draw, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Basketball Federation Ömer Onan stated that the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League was very competitive compared to previous seasons.

Ömer Onan stated that they experienced such a season for the first time during their tenure and said, “This season, 68 matches were completed with a margin of 8 or less, and 6 matches went to overtime. This shows how competitive the league is.” he said.

Ömer Onan said that there were only 4 victories between the last team and the 6th-ranked team in the league.

“We had difficulties especially when we started the financial criteria with our clubs, but our clubs and we also stood behind this decision. Now everyone scrutinizes and makes the right decisions while making a budget. When I was playing, our teams were recruiting players and 2 months later payment difficulties started. Players were leaving and The strength of the teams was diminishing. Now, the general manager of each team follows the players they will add to their team next year and they place the right pieces in the team. This is also a pleasing situation. I think this year’s contentious process will continue in the Turkish Cup and I wish success to all teams.”

– Özgün Önver: “I think Konya will add color to this organization”

TBF Men’s Leagues Director Özgün Önver, who gave information about the format of the Bitci Turkey Cup, said that the teams that finished the season in the top 8 places will play in a single match on February 14-15.

Önver stated that the Final Four will be played on February 17-19, hosted by Konya, and said:

“I think this organization will add color to Konya, which has been chosen as the capital of sports. I think the Final Four, which will be played over a single match, will be very competitive. I wish success to our teams that qualified to compete in the Bitci Turkey Cup by finishing the league in the top 8 places.”