Qualified foreign worker professions that England is looking for in order to close the workforce gap: Veterinarian, psychologist, architect…

Which occupational groups are listed in the list?

Health services and public health managers

Residential, day and home care managers and business owners

Chemical engineers – only to work in Scotland and only in the nuclear industry

Biology scientists and biochemists

Physical sciences – only for the civil earth engineering sector: Geological engineers, hydrogeologists, geophysicists

Physical sciences – for jobs in the oil and gas industry only: Geophysicists, geoscientists, geologists, geochemists, technical service managers of decommissioning and waste sites in the nuclear industry, senior resource geologist and geologists in the mining industry


civil engineers

mechanical engineers

electrical engineers

electronics engineers

Design and development engineers

Production and operations engineers

Communications technology business analysts and systems designers

Programmers and software development professionals

Web design and development professionals

cyber security experts


Statisticians and economists – bioinformatics and informatics professionals only


Quality control and planning engineers

lab technicians


Dancers and choreographers – only qualified classical ballet dancers or modern dancers and those who meet the required standards of internationally recognized UK ballet and dance troupes

Musicians – qualified orchestral musicians, conductors, lead musicians and a select number of string performers, meeting the standards required by UK orchestras, members of the internationally recognized Association of British Orchestras

Art officials, producers and directors

graphic artists

Welders – high density pipe welders with over 3 years of legal work experience

Carers and most carers – for private households or individuals

senior caregivers