Public storm in the stock market! Here is the reason for the movement in public shares:

The stock market has been rising for a while with the aggressive movements in Halk Bank and Vakıfbank stocks. While these two bank stocks had a positive impact on other banking sector stocks, a manager of the market’s largest fund answered the question “Why public bank stocks?”

Commenting on the rise in the stock market and the fund manager to, the fund manager said, “This operation aims to divert money from foreign currency to the stock market.”


Noting that foreign purchases have been coming to the stock market for a while, the fund manager said, behind most of them is the Turkish capital. it’s very hard to distinguish how many real foreigners” he said.

Stating that the stock market is completely driven by public bank shares, the fund manager explained the reason for this as follows:

“When you look at the movement of all banks in the stock market, you see that they are concentrated in 3-4 banks. The only thing these three have in common is the swap situation, not their balance sheet. In other words, when the exchange of Garanti Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank shares is examined, you will see why the movement is concentrated in these shares. Garanti Ganka swap is mainly cumulative with BBVA’s buyback. again, both public banks have been taken into their own funds and subsidiaries for the last 2 years. 90 percent of Vakıfbank’s clearing is in the hands of these funds and institutions. Only 260 million lots of 5 billion lots are in circulation. So is Halkbank. When you look at his swap, you see that 270 million lots of 4 billion lots of shares are held by other buyers. It is extremely easy to make these stocks ceiling! Especially when there is no public sale, naturally these shares are easily pulled up and they allow the movement to spread.”