Public banks will give 15 thousand liras as a retirement promotion!

The pension promotion, which reaches 8 thousand liras in private banks, is still applied as 750 liras in public banks. It has been claimed that the public banks, which have not entered the pension promotion race until today, will actually give 15 thousand liras, but the government’s early election decision is expected for this.

paramedia.comA senior banker told . that public banks are waiting for the government’s early election decision for an explanation. The senior banker said, “Public banks actually started working right after Akbank launched the campaign. However, this was put on hold for promotion. During this time, tens of thousands of retirees from public banks transferred their salaries to private banks.” said.


Noting that the government has recently made early election investments, the banker said:

“Resetting the debts of the executive, natural gas aid, stationery aid, KGF these are all preparations for early elections. However, the biggest preparation of the government is the promotion award to be given to this group, together with the pension increase. This figure was determined as 15 thousand liras in the first week. It’s on the President’s desk now. The good news of the promotion of public banks will be announced by the President himself. The figure of 15 thousand liras can be increased even more”


Public banks are still acting together on pension promotion. Vakifbank, Ziraat Bank and Halkbank pay a fee between 300 lira and the highest 750 lira for 3 years as a pension promotion. AkbankPrivate banks pay a fee between 7 thousand 500 liras and 8 thousand 250 liras in the promotion race started by .

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