Public Banks Signed a First! Campaign That Will Make You Say No, Vehicle – Need

Due to the monetary tightening policy carried out by the Central Bank, both public and private banks update their interest rates every week. Ziraat Bank, Halkbank and Vakıfbank are among the banks that perform the update process as public banks.

The decision to continue in the monetary tightening policy implemented by the Central Bank leads all banks to constantly update interest rates. All three public banks are constantly updating their interest rates.

With the end of the summer months, there has been an increase in the demands of citizens for housing and vehicle loans. As the effects of the pandemic are approaching the end, the emergence of different problems leads citizens to loans. Citizens who apply to banks for different needs cause banks to expand campaigns. Even if banks organize a wide range of campaigns, high interest rates do not work for the citizens. At this point, public banks step in and offer the lowest interest rates in the market to the citizens. You can find the details about the subject in our news…

Housing Loan Campaigns from Public Banks

Public banks offer housing loan packages with affordable interest rates to citizens. The housing loan, which has a maturity option of 120 months, also has flexible payment plans. In addition, it is available to the citizens with flexible plans with 3-month payments or balloon payments. There are also flexible payment options with increasing or decreasing installments in the yellow shutter housing loan campaign. The yellow shutter housing loan put into practice by Vakıfbank makes it attractive by offering flexible payment plans to citizens.

The housing loan interest rates, which were decided to be implemented by Halkbank, will be applied at the rate of 1.38 per month. The bank offers special campaign packages to retirees, public employees and people working in the private sector. In addition, it also includes salary customers in the campaign. The monthly interest rate for the housing loan implemented by Ziraat Bank was determined as 1.37. In the campaign carried out by Vakıfbank, the interest rate is determined as 1.32, and the opportunity to postpone it for 3 months is offered. Provide service as a public bank Vakıfbank offers citizens the opportunity to postpone in the yellow shutter housing campaign that it has been continuing for years.

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