PTT Will Give 40 Thousand Lira To Those Who Start With Identity Card Serial Number A

Many citizens who have cash problems and have problems in paying their debts apply to banks to benefit from consumer loans. Each bank offers different options for consumer loans, but these are generally high-interest options. Citizens, who are financially short of cash, prefer to get general purpose loans by applying to banks, mostly because they have no other options. While the conditions, documents and interest rates demanded by the banks for consumer loans were extremely challenging for the citizens, the PTT came to the rescue of the citizens.

The approach of winter and the emergence of new needs put most citizens in a difficult situation and their income began to be insufficient. Citizens in this situation found the solution by using consumer loans. Good news came from PTT for citizens who do not want to use high interest loans given by banks. PTT announced that it has prepared a support package that offers easy payment opportunities and low interest amounts.


A new one has been added to the conveniences provided by the PTT to the citizens. In the statement made by the institution; It was stated that a consumer loan of up to 40 thousand liras will be given without requesting an income document. It was stated that if the applicants are approved, their money will be deposited in their accounts instantly. Citizens in need of urgent cash flocked to the PTT.

It turned out that this loan with low interest has another advantage. It was announced that repayments of the loan could be delayed for up to 90 days. In this campaign, which will offer maturity options of up to 36 months, a very low interest rate is offered compared to other banks. Loans up to 40 thousand liras can be used from contracted banks. Moreover, there is no need to go to the branches to apply. Applications are easily forwarded to authorized persons through online channels.


In order to benefit from the consumer loan campaign offered by the PTT to all citizens, you must fill out the information forms on the mobile application and website completely and accurately. Apart from this, another point that the bank will pay attention to is; Whether you are 18 years old or not and whether you are a Turkish citizen. Individuals who fit these definitions will be able to start spending their money immediately if they receive an application approval.


People who want to benefit from the PTT general purpose loan campaign can apply from the SMS section of their mobile phones. When you enter the message section, write PTT, leave a space, write your TR ID number and send a message to 3050, your application will be forwarded to the bank. Other banks with which PTT has an agreement, especially Aktif Bank, will evaluate your application and you will be notified of the result of your application within a very short time, in approximately 5 minutes.


Citizens who want to apply for a consumer loan can go to the nearest PTT branch in their region and apply. It is necessary to go to the PTT branch and fill out some forms required for consumer loans, and during this process, the guarantor condition is never sought. After your general purpose loan applications from the PTT are approved, they are immediately deposited into your account.