Private banks will make a promotional payment of 16 thousand TL to retirees who promised 36 months on October 3!

It is estimated that the promotion fees of Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası, ING and Yapı Kredi will increase. The new figure is expected to reach 16 thousand TL with the campaigns. Millions of retirees’ eyes and ears turned to the promotional fees that the banks will promise to stay for 3 years. Promotional fees are among the important topics that citizens have been curious about and followed closely for months.

When the newly retired people say they will retire, there are nearly 17 million retirees across the country. It will offer special crazy package campaigns to its customers, which private banks wait in anticipation. Customers who bring their retired friend to the bank with their own invitation will receive an additional reward of up to 1000 TL per person. Not only the invitation code, but also advantageous opportunities are included in credit cards. There are also points advantages that increase exponentially in the categories of plane, bus, train ticket, food, clothing, invoice and personal needs.

As of June 2020, after the epidemic period, banks gave promotional fees starting from 750 TL to millions of retirees. Even though it has not been 3 years, banks that want to recruit other retired citizens have announced that they will pay promotional fees that reach serious dimensions. Temporarily the box office only worked on retirement promotions. In the other area, services to customers who received deposit, investment and financial advice had almost come to a standstill.

Private banks put all their means into the field to attract retirees. The work has begun to bear fruit. While the promotional figures given at the beginning were not attractive to the customers, the banks that entered the race were able to attract the retirees whose contracts did not expire after their instant increase. By canceling the promotional agreement that some customers had signed contracts with in the past, it moved towards the banks that paid the highest fees.


While ING Bank, Yapı Kredi and TEB, which are among the private banks serving in Turkey, set a deadline for promotional fees on September 30, a new announcement made the citizens turn the other way. According to the information announced on the websites of the banks, it is expected that they will announce the new promotion figures in the near future.

  • TEB gives promotional fees to its new customers up to 8 thousand TL.
  • Yapı Kredi offers promotional fees up to 7 thousand 500 TL to its new customers.
  • ING Bank gives promotional fees to its new customers up to 7 thousand TL.


New promotional fees will be announced on October 3. The estimated figure is expected to reach 16 thousand liras together with the invitation campaigns. By following ING Bank, Yapı Kredi and TEB websites and signing a new agreement with banks, you can obtain the promotional fee expected to reach 16 thousand liras.