Prison sentence for father-son dentist who pulled out patients’ healthy teeth and earned millions of euros

To collect money from the state in France ‘unnecessarily’ The dentist father-son, who earned millions of euros with the treatments they applied, was sentenced to prison.


Lionel Guedj (42) and his father Carnot Guedj (70) treated hundreds of patients in a poor neighborhood of Marseille between 2006 and 2012. However, he applied expensive treatments to those who knocked on his door with minor problems and collected money from the state. He pulled out the healthy teeth of those who went for veneer or filling or made a canal work.

Judge Celine Ballerin systematically tried to get the maximum benefit from the social security office of the duo, who were prosecuted after it was revealed that they had defrauded the state. ‘they are working’He said they applied hundreds of unnecessary treatments. He sentenced Lionel Guedj to eight years, and his part-time father, Carnot Guedj, to five years.

He received applause from more than 100 victims in the courtroom. The video, which includes the images of father and son being taken to prison, has been watched more than 2 million times on social media.

Prosecutor, Lionel Guedj’s 327 patients ‘to his good teeth’ He said that he applied 3 thousand 900 root canal treatments, pulled the teeth and made bridges, and that he was the highest-paid dentist in France with 2.9 million euros in 2010.

In 2006-2012, Guedj, who bought a yacht, luxury car and house for 9.5 million euros, knocked on his door when one of his patients, who was heard as a witness in court, was 18 years old because of a tooth enamel problem, but he pulled out his 24 healthy teeth and he did not do it properly. told. He stated that he has been living in pain since then and that he is afraid of going out in public.

Another patient told him that he was constantly infected during his visit and that he quit his job at the bakery due to bad breath caused by it.