‘Prince Harry’ statement from the British Royal Family: ‘Great disrespect…’

Prince Harry He returned to his country after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The allegations about Prince Harry, who was given special permission for the Queen’s funeral and could wear his military uniform, do not end.

The Telegraph wrote that Prince Harry received the news of his death after Prime Minister Liz Truss and it was part of the friction between the family.


In the related news, it was stated that Prince Harry was informed only 5 minutes before the news was shared with the public.

According to the news Hürriyet quoted from the Daily Mail; The royal spokesperson made the following statement in his statement; ‘The public was only informed after each family member had been informed.

The Daily Mail, which included these statements in its news, underlined that this is an extremely rare move. The newspaper claimed that the delay occurred because Harry was on the plane at the time and could not reach him.


For Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, some allegations came to the fore on social media. One of the allegations was that the square pot on Meghan’s clothes was a recording device under the clothes.

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