Prices have dropped rapidly, now is the time!

Good news for first-time car buyers. While the SCT reduction will make people smile, those who will own vehicles will be able to benefit from the discounts. People who will buy a vehicle for the first time in our country, but will not sell it, have started discounts on brand new cars.

While the SCT reduction was eagerly awaited by millions of people, the good news came. Buying a car has never been this easy. For those who will buy a vehicle for the first time and will not sell it back in 5 years, the discount trend has started. The intensity of new car purchases has increased.

With the SCT tax reduction coming at the end of November, while citizens flocked to dealers to buy cars, there were many problems in finding a vehicle. Then, with the price hikes in December, prices started to rise, while vehicles began to emerge. The expectation of the SCT reduction has once again become a source of hope for the public. Judging by the statement made by the Ministry, it was announced that a new campaign was started before the election on SCTs for new car buyers. Those who want to take advantage of the campaign also accept the condition of not selling their first car for 5 years.


While a few scenarios were brought to the agenda over the SCT, the SCT base limit was increased while the studies continued. In addition, a lower tax payment will be made for vehicles sold at a higher price. It has been announced that work will be carried out on the complete reset of the SCT. SCT reductions are expected for both used and new vehicles.