Previously, SADAT had brought up its allegations. Reply from Sedat Peker to Nevzat Tarhan, who targeted Athena

Sedat Peker, who has been investigated for allegedly being the leader of an organized crime organization, says about the Athena group, “A sad celebration of 30 August. Üsküdar University Rector Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan tweeted one after another. The tweets shared by Sedat Peker from his Deli Sergeant account, using the phrases “When you find some time (or rather, when you take a break from dealing with you) from your work with SADAT,” are as follows:

“1-) When you find some time (or rather, when you take a break from dealing with you) from your sadat works, you have embraced young people. After I left you, I said to my friend who introduced me to you because I couldn’t sleep.

2-)…original crazy. How did Prof. did they do? His speech sounds like crazy (I swear he’s crazy, he’s crazy)”. I even said something else. Please do not read this section by our brothers under the age of 14. I said, “There is no reason to be driven into this.” Look, crazy nevzat, my paradise place…

3-)…I have a lot of conversations with Adnan Ziyalar, the teacher of the teachers. When I start making videos, I will tell my brothers younger than 40 and our team (that is, the elders). It’s going to be huge megalomania, though. However, I will be the liar of the late Adnan Ziyalar Hodja.

4-) Do you know what the hell is called nevzat mythology? Young people chose a name from mythology to draw attention. What does this have to do with the Turkish Greek case? Crazy nevzat, I say what I said the first day I saw you, 21 years later: You don’t have a mind to blame.


made in the past few days “I think LGBT activism is a political movement. It is not a medical act at all. Psychiatry has nothing to do with psychology. It is a purely political movement. Therefore, since this is a political movement, it is the policy makers’ job to approve or disapprove of the political movement, and the blame belongs to them.” With the announcement, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan targeted the Athena group this time.


Tarhan shared the poster of Athena’s concert to be held in Ankara for the August 30 Victory Day, “Sorry celebration of August 30. The Greek-named singer is saying ‘culturally we defeated’.” used the phrase.

name of the group Athena “Greek mythology goddess of intelligence, art, strategy, inspiration and peace” comes from Athena.

While Tarhan’s comment received a great response, “Athena” became a “Trend Topic” (TT) on Twitter.

While Tarhan deleted his tweet afterwards, Gökhan Özoğuz, the lead singer of the Athena group, said to Tarhan, “Hahahahahahahahahaha. Sir, Prozac?” gave an answer.


Sedat Peker, wanted on charges of establishing and managing an organized crime organization, claimed on his Twitter account that Tarhan was a shareholder of SADAT in the past months, “When I start to make statements about SADAT, Nevzat Tarhan sells his shares to Adnan Tanrıverdi, the chairman of SADAT. So they are using cheating again.” had used the words.

Peker said that Tarhan was a part of all unofficial works of SADAT and shared a document about Tarhan’s alleged share in SADAT.


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