President Announced and Then Warned, 50 From Public Banks

After making the announcement, the President stated that necessary warnings should be taken into account. Loans ranging from 50 thousand liras to 100 thousand liras will be offered to citizens from public banks. You can find the details in our news…

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an announcement for banks. He underlined that people who want to get loans from private banks as well as public banks should be helped with loans. During the pandemic period, public banks have always stood by the citizens. It was requested to organize campaigns for banks to stand by the people after the pandemic.

Ziraat Bank Vakifbank and Halkbank The banks that provide public banking services in our country will implement new campaigns with government support. The amount in the loan campaign ranges from 50 thousand liras to 100 thousand liras. It can be used as a debt closing loan as well as a consumer loan.

Quick Application Opportunity Through Ziraat Bank

Necessary conditions must be met in the loan application to be made on Ziraat Bank. Credit approval can be obtained if the conditions are met. People who want to be included in the campaign can go to the nearest bank branch and submit their identity and income documents and apply. The first payment in the loan, which will be given up to 100 thousand lira, can be made after 3 months. In addition to using it as a debt closing loan for loans up to 100 thousand liras, an application can be made for a 50 thousand lira loan as a general purpose loan.

Immediate Approval for Vakifbank Insured Employees and Retirees

In addition to consumer loans amounting to 50 thousand liras to citizens, Vakıfbank also offers loans up to 100 thousand liras to those who owe money to other banks. Citizens who want to use a consumer loan of 50 thousand lira through the bank are given a 36-month maturity, while they are also given the opportunity to postpone for 3 months.

With this campaign, Vakıfbank will be able to make use of its insured customers, provided that they are insured for 12 months and if their credit rating is 1100 and above. In addition to making the necessary application on the bank’s official website, applications can also be made from bank branches.