Preparation of non-alcoholic alternative event against Zeytinli Rock Festival by Burhaniye Municipality

Balıkesir Burhaniye District Governorate banned the 7th Zeytinli Rock Festival, which was planned to take place on August 17-21, on the pretext of ‘public safety and health, public peace, protection of the environment’.


Science Dissemination Society Burhaniye Branch, Education Bir Sen Burhaniye Branch, Human Rights and Freedoms Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) Burhaniye Branch Diyanet Sen Burhaniye Branch and Turkish Red Crescent Burhaniye Branch targeted the festival and announced that they were against its holding:

  • Although we know that alcohol, the mother of all evils, is drunk like water, under the so-called ‘freedom of the youth’ with the false perception that it will scatter our beautiful town, which will be held this year, as if a locust swarm has entered and it will bring economic benefits, although we know that the search is carried out strictly at the entrance to the festival area, we are on the streets and streets before the search. We do not want the Zeytinli Rock Festival to be held in our town, town or city, where all kinds of narcotic and stimulant substances are most likely to be sold and used.


On the other hand, ticket sales continue over the internet, and negotiations for the festival are continuing.

It was learned that Burhaniye Municipality is planning to hold a council meeting to organize an alternative event that will not allow drinking.


The officials who organized the Zeytinli Rock Festival pointed out that the time was running out.

By the festival official “Even if Burhaniye Municipality gives permission for the festival to take place with a different method, it will not be enough. Because even the installation of the stage alone takes four days. It is not possible for the festival to catch up with the permission granted after August 13.” statement was made.

Murat Yazgan, Deputy Mayor of Burhaniye, said:All our youth and tradesmen were waiting for this work. Suddenly, we were shocked by the news that the festival would not be held. Our governor and district governor, who constantly visit the shopkeepers and markets, are among the people. Again, our mayor is someone who knows bureaucracy well. As our tradesmen, youth and people of Burhaniye, we expect the necessary permits for the festival to be obtained within the next week.” said.