Poultry quarantined in more than 5 thousand towns

Due to the increasing level of bird flu epidemic in France and reaching a situation that cannot be neglected, all poultry in 5,000 towns were quarantined.

Bird flu in France: poultry quarantined in more than 5 thousand towns

According to the news of the newspaper Le Parisien, all poultry in open or closed farms in 5 thousand towns were quarantined due to the risk of bird flu. It was decided to apply quarantine to all poultry under 42 days in 500 towns.

The Ministry of Agriculture also responded to the increasing risk of infection for poultry and farm birds. “the level of avian flu has increased from initial to moderate” issued the decree.

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Criticism from the union: “The virus is spreading indoors”

According to AA; The agriculture union management criticized the Ministry’s decision and stated that bird flu spread in closed farms and that this risk did not exist in farms in open areas.

The union also argued that the Ministry turned to temporary measures, such as diversifying personnel and animal transportation, rather than taking measures to prevent the reproduction and spread of the virus.

Tens of thousands of poultry culled

In the country, the Governorate of the Indre-et-Loire region recently culled 36,000 poultry in the region after the H5N1 avian flu virus was found in a poultry farm in Cere-la-Ronde.

The governorate also quarantined an area of ​​3 kilometers around the farm where the virus was found.

Five days later, 27 thousand turkeys were culled after bird flu was detected in a turkey farm in the Sailly-Flibeaucourt area.

In the country’s avian flu epidemics that lasted from November to May last year, 3.5 million poultry were culled.