Post-ice age bacon in the economy

Firstly until the end of 2023 Let me summarize my prediction of what will happen; one-Today; hard… 2-Tomorrow; even harder…3-However, the next day; it will be amazing… But most of it; he will die tomorrow night. Therefore, my advice to those who plan for the near future; try not to die tomorrow night.

Today’s challenges are obvious… known verdict not necessary. In inflation The only one who resisted in 2 digits CPI and he too 80%he overturned. Don’t ask the others… PPI 150%ITO 107%ENAG 186%surpassed it. on the market debt to each other wearing it… Touch a thousand ah hear the bowl of fagfur like…


Well, more tomorrow. a sign that it will be difficult why? CDSour 800in the outside only with usurer interest We can borrow. him too 6 notches below the investment grade only with our reduced credit limited quantity we can. Foreign currency cash flow started to clog not only the public but also businesses.

until election It is clear that we will go in this way (but I do not know if we will arrive). happy ending will not await us after the election… for electoral economy the resources we scatter; in inflation global records The government that will continue to break and will come, What is given with the spoon will take back with the ladle.


What is Bacon Summer in Economics?

top European Union the world, including; in the grip of inflation lamenting the recession we, on the other hand, will produce the electoral economy. fake prosperity with a kind summer season we will live. Minimum wagebase prices, workers’ collective agreementsofficer coefficients, student-young grantspensions and more dozens of election gospels partnership with financing, from fresh banknotes will not be passed. This too growth up will pull. But this growth development will not and it will be short lived.

What is the Ice Age in Economics?

This is the government that will form after the election. massive inflation, high current account deficit and with a record deficit unable to cope… political instability and waiting for the economy in the grip of crisis,deferred recession” will be. on the one hand hyperinflationrecession, on the other hand,slumpflationIt will wrap the disease called ” on our heads. I this; “ice age of economy” I say.



one-STRUCTURAL REFORM: It will be our obligation, not our choice. The economic difficulties we face in the 100th anniversary of the Republic will resemble those of 100 years ago and necessarily, productivity, public, legal, financeWe will be forced into reforms in the field of governance.

2-PARTNERSHIP: In order to survive the crisis, we will have to make many mergers and partnerships. Many SMEs in the sectors will join forces and try to become SMEs.

3-MERIT: Me, you, our boy period will have to end. Merit will be sought by wax. The state polluted by nepotism in the public will begin to be cleansed because of the need for talented people.

4-PURIFICATION: The work ethic, which has deteriorated due to the balances disturbed by inflation, will be tried to be re-established. The concept of state-owned sea, not eating pork will have to leave its place to institutional structures, not because we have given up on pigs, but because the sea is over.

5-UNCOMFORTABLE: The biggest change will be experienced in comfort areas. Our behavior of consuming without producing, our reflex of spending without earning will necessarily be rasped. Those who earn three or five salaries will be questioned, and those who live like parasites without working will stand out and be blocked.