Popstar contestant wears hijab – Yeni Akit

The former contestants who are currently taking part in the Popstar contest are curious. After the popstar Abidin, Özlem Güneş became a curiosity. Popstar Özlem, who was often criticized by the jury for not wearing a low-cut, wore a hijab. Popstar Özlem Güneş also announced that she received education from a congregation. Here is the final state of curiosity.
Popstar Özlem Güneş, who was criticized by the jury for saying “I don’t wear a low-cut” in the Popstar competition, which marked a period, and who was often criticized throughout the competition, emerged years later.

Özlem Güneş, whose life started with the popstar Alaturka, changed completely. Özlem, who was a guest of Bekir Develi’s program called Cheese Ship on YouTube, talked about the Popstar Alaturka adventure and the story of entering the hijab.

Özlem Güneş stated that they were trying to show herself differently than she was in the competition and said, “You’re going to be an artist, why don’t you wear a low-cut?” The former contestant also announced that he wanted to go to the producer’s backstage in the 8th week and be eliminated.

He left the stage, studied theology

Özlem, who continued on the stage after being eliminated from the competition, said that she started researching religion after a while. The contestant, who learned that a woman who came to her stage had cheated on her husband, added that she did not appear on the stage again after that day. In her statement, Özlem Güneş said, “My turning point was on the stage. There are couples who come every evening, I went to them. I heard the phone conversation at that time. I was very impressed at that time. His wife was at home with the child… I was sick to my stomach, that was my last scene.”

Özlem Güneş, who finished her stage life completely, said that she cried until the morning after this incident. Popstar Özlem closed all her social media accounts after a while and did not leave her home for a long time.

About a year later, Popstar Özlem, who decided to wear hijab, said, “At that time, my neighbor invited me to have a chat. I went to chanting aloud. But I couldn’t focus. I went to congregations and went out and studied at a madrasa in a congregation. Then we decided to go to Rize to learn better.” .

Özlem Güneş later said that she also studied theology.

They got angry at me for not dressing openly..

Speaking to Bekir Develi’s youtube channel in the past, Özlem Osma, with her new name Mekselina İslam, told about her experiences before she entered the hijab. Stating that he was successful in Popstar because his voice was so beautiful, the jury, which included names such as İslam, Bülent Ersoy, Orhan Gencebay, Ebru Gündeş and Armağan Çağlayan, said that some of the names were angry with him for not dressing openly, so he left the competition.