Politico writes names that could replace Vladimir Putin

The Ukraine war ignited the sanctions against Moscow.

Western countries announced economic sanctions packages against Russia one after another.

US-based Politico magazine, “Vladimir Putin’s disastrous military adventure in Ukraine raises the possibility that his 22-year rule may be coming to an end.” he wrote.

Candidates to replace Putin

“Post-Putin: 12 people ready to destroy Russia” In the analysis titled, the Russian leader pointed out the people he could lead to rule the country after him, “Who might want to take his place?” question was posed.

“They see Patrushev as their most likely successor”

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev was at the top of the list.

In the article, “If Putin admits that his position has become untenable, Kremlin monitors see Patrushev as his most likely successor. At a Security Council meeting days before Putin sends troops to Ukraine in February, Patrushev told Washington to ensure the ‘collapse of the Russian Federation’. accused him of pursuing a hidden agenda. it was said.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #1

“If there’s anyone he can trust, it’s Medvedev”

From Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, “If anyone can trust Putin, it’s Medvedev.” mentioned as.

It was noted that the reshuffle, which Putin “gifted” the presidency to his former right-hand man in 2008, allowed Putin to hold power in his own hands and to comply with the constitutional time limits that were later imposed.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #2

Another name is Dyumin

From the Governor of Tula Oblast Alexei Dyumin, “In 2014, he was on the battlefield as the special forces commander in the operation to annex the Crimean Peninsula. Two years later, Putin appointed him governor of the Tula region.” mentioned as.

It was stated that Dyumin is a favorite of Putin, but his preferred status could make him vulnerable when a power struggle erupts in the Kremlin.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #3

“Minister of Agriculture appeared as a prince”

Another name pointed to for Putin’s place was Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitriy Patrushev.

About Patrushev, “When he was appointed to head the Federal Security Service (FSB) in 2000, it was Nikolai Patrushev who called Russia’s spy elite the ‘new nobility’.

A generation later, his son Dmitriy Patrushev emerged as prince and a reliable potential successor.” expression was used.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #4

Mikhail Mishustin option

The magazine also cited Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin as one of the names that could replace Putin.

“Article 92.3 of the Russian Constitution states that if the head of state is unable to fulfill his duties, he will be ‘temporarily fulfilled’ by the prime minister.

This puts Mishustin in the pole position to take over as acting head of state should Putin fall seriously ill or be assassinated.” expressions were used.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #5

Kadyrov detail

For Ramazan Kadyrov, “If there is political turmoil in Russia, Kadyrov is more likely to want more autonomy or independence for Chechnya.” statement was included.

In the same analysis, it was noted that Yevgeny Prigojin was also an alternative, “If anyone looks like Russia’s commander-in-chief right now, it’s oligarch Yevgeny Prigojin, known as Putin’s ‘chief’, who leads the secret Wagner mercenary army.” it was said.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #6

Other names on the list were Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Aleksey Navalny, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Mikhail Mizintsev and businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Also under the heading “Troika” “Watch out for FSB boss Alexander Bortnikov, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.” note noted.

Politico wrote names that could replace Vladimir Putin #7