Political Don Quixotes fighting their past

The United States, which is seen as the greatest political ocean of the last century and has no ocean left to dominate, is nowadays fishing boats left at sea from your trace even less influence in global politics.
In the Pacific Ocean, despite the rumble of the Solomon Islands We see that even before him there is no judgment.
Maybe that’s why the American administration is more concerned with socio-cultural issues than global geo-politics.
at the Pentagon hypersonic missilesto soldiers instead of new combat tactics and next-generation defense technologies. with sexism struggle and racial awareness seminars such as
As a matter of fact, the defeats in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Ukraine do not attract the attention of American military officials. Similarly Why is 50 percent of enlisted enlisted? decreased not much of a problem either.

FBI and CIA prepared for kindergartens. that celebrates racial and cultural diversity with videos social awareness of children trying to increase.
However, these efforts seem to have yielded no results. Or along with inflation crime rate would not have climbed to the top of the last 40 years in the country right now.


In the corona epidemic incompetence of the state and he didn’t care for his people emerge output. Selfishness of people in the fight against the epidemic ceiling has risen. solidarity and social appeared to be unhealthy.
Now it is struggling with inflation, energy and supply crises triggered by the pandemic. American the wealth and earnings of the middle classes are melting away. Increasingly worsening from poverty to poverty economic tsunami wave It has swept away the present and future of the middle classes.
Seeing that the state does not protect the employees and that the politicians waste people’s rights and savings unnecessarily, in the American people anger, rises in line with inflation.
For example, in workers’ pension funds 3 trillion dollars It turns out that as much money is spent on environmental investments that are not prioritized by the government, not on employees.
Joe Biden administration raises interest rates inflation to restrain it’s working. But experts 30 trillion dollars in debt The US state’s exit from this spiral thinks it will be very difficult.


Because the USA’s ‘globalist frankensteins’Apart from that, they have formidable enemies outside. American government today ‘double to the cold war It does not show much presence in the face of Russia and China, which it declares to engage in.
Because trillions of dollars of the country have an ideological nature, such as the fight against sexism and racism, instead of real needs. ‘campus values’It is spent for the rooting of society in society.
such as work, health, education, security, employment, transportation and fighting inflation. ‘family values’ indexed socio-economic problems elimination It is not very popular with current administrators.
Unable to find soldiers, money and time for geopolitical goals, the US administration is limited to the socio-cultural world of liberal circles and the upper income group. to their ideological obsessions when it comes mobilizing all kinds of possibilities, it opens the mouth of the purse.
For this reason, the military, scientific and cultural competitiveness of the USA is declining at the global level. Russia today nuclear warhead hypersonic in missile technology, it gives the USA horseshoes. China has all kinds of missiles to sink $12 billion US aircraft carriers trying to approach Taiwan in a possible war.
In addition to its leadership in many technological and scientific fields, China also antibiotics, vitamins and pain relievers It provides 90 percent of the basic materials needed for its production.
American military historian victor by Davis Hanson as he said, what’s inside neither outside anyone is free from the USA anymore trade, human rights, rule of law, listening to speeches on democracy, equality and freedom she doesn’t want to. Because the USA today with its past and while fighting with his people, his opponents are fighting both the future and the future. preparing a new one for the world preparing the future.
I hope our ‘Western politicians’ will learn a lesson from this deplorable tragedy to which ideologically obsessed American rulers have dragged their country. Especially our ‘who waged war on his past and the values ​​of his people’.local or our local political Don Quixote’ by.


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