Poisonous words from Ahmet Nur Cebi. ”He will learn how to talk” ”Not everyone should wear the robe”

Beşiktaş Club President Ahmet Nur Çebi made statements in the sponsorship agreement held at Vodafone Park yesterday. Çebi made statements regarding the agenda at the launch of the sponsorship agreement for the handball team, women’s volleyball team and wheelchair basketball team.

“I think that the attitude of the audience in the Ankaragücü match, which started with swearing and continued with heavy swearing, was a result that continued with the strategy of stretching the game, which I think was planned behind the field and the players were instructed. Everything was planned and programmed. The provocation of Beşiktaş players by the players on the field was also planned. The interesting side of the job was that Ankaragücü’s teacher targeted his younger brother, who is an athlete like himself. Teachers need to make up their minds.”

Ahmet Nur Cebi continued his words by stating that the red card shown to Josef de Souza was a funny decision. “The match is over, the referee shows a red card to a player like Josef, our football player who carries the captain’s values ​​above, with the pressure coming from VAR, as far as I have heard, in terms of handling the situation in my opinion. Totally funny and bogus event. From here, we can come to the following conclusion; In general, it would be easy to hold the community responsible for these mistakes made by the audience, the teacher and the referees. We do not disrespect these communities, we will not be instrumental in such events.” he said.


Çebi also spoke about the release of the supporter who entered the field by the judicial authorities. “The part I’m upset about is this; Unfortunately, our laws are inadequate. A young friend who enters the field and makes all sports fans restless is released the next day with a court decision, and this release is photographed by the unscrupulous from the community. The most interesting thing is that there are friends on the left wearing a lawyer’s robe. Not everyone should wear the robe. He does his duty but can’t give this pose. Nobody knows where to stand or where. I would like to thank the President of Ankaragücü for his kind behavior and apology from Beşiktaş” said.

“It is inappropriate for the Ankaragücü teacher to target his brother (Oğuzhan), who is an athlete like him. The coach, who takes the field professionally and is in charge of playing his player, puts forward the statements of a football player from Beşiktaş. It targets the player. Teachers need to make up their minds. These children can be their students tomorrow, too.”

After the Galatasaray-Gaziantep FK fight, “It’s easy to shout. We do not make raid visits to TFF” Galatasaray Sportif A.Ş. Ahmet Nur Cebi, who also spoke when asked about the statements of his manager, Erden Timur, said: “I don’t think that Erden Bey is referring to me. Erden is a good boy. It’s different when you win the match with 10 people, it’s different when you lose. He is young, and he will learn how to talk. I don’t think you told me. Whatever he has to say, say it directly. I am someone who goes and solves problems like a master at TFF. I’m not going out and shouting at the microphones, no matter who the message is going to be from here” he concluded his speech.