The USA’s lifting of the arms embargo on Southern Cyprus for one year while increasing the arms pile on Alexandroupoli causes various reactions in Turkey.

Retired Ambassador Onur Oymen Here’s an interesting reminder:

This decision Trump received on time. It wasn’t focused on then, but now it’s noticed.

Then why was there no response?

I do not know. I have criticized this decision in many television interviews. However, neither the government nor the opposition made a sound. They do not follow foreign policy.

What is the USA preparing for? Retired General Tuncer Kilic says:

It is as if the United States took the place of England, which encouraged Greece to invade Anatolia a hundred years ago.

What can be the consequences of the US establishing 9 military bases in Greece and dangerously expanding its military presence in Alexandroupoli? Retired Brigadier General Ali Er Cumhuriyet says:

The USA got into a dirty game. There are indications that the United States is taking steps to bring Turkey and Greece into a one-day hot conflict. If such a thing happens, both countries will not be able to straighten their backs for at least 20 years.

The strings are getting tighter. Even a missile that is not known from where it was launched in the Aegean, but that will hit the ship of one of the two countries, can suddenly bring the two countries into war. It’s time to be calm. What did the elders say: You can’t play with fire.


Our dear brother from Milliyet writers İlhami SoysalWe are on the 30th anniversary of his passing. inspiration My elder brother died as a result of an accident on September 20, 1992.

He was an honest and principled journalist with great courage, like his stature. Chief of Staff for the articles he wrote when he was the Ankara representative of the Akşam newspaper. Cemal TuralHe had been abducted and brutally beaten in broad daylight by . He continued on his way. In 1972, he was tortured by counter-guerrilla elements for 26 days in the Ziverbey Mansion. He smoked a lot, and his goodness would not fall out of his mouth. Laughing those who say, “Is this big brother smoked?”

– Don’t worry, I’m not sighing, he’d dodge.

We were together at the newspaper meeting organized by Milliyet in Bodrum two weeks before his death. The cigarette was still in his mouth. Moreover, he had undergone bypass surgery a few weeks ago.

– Brother, cigarettes eat away at your life, warnings such as:

– Do you know how long we will live?

The day after we left, news of his death came from Ayvalık, where he went for a holiday.

He was 60 years old when he left life.

We respectfully commemorate this brave, principled and honest journalist.

“Freemasonry and Freemasons”, “Collaborators in the War of Liberation”, “Bribery in the World and in Turkey” We recommend that you read his books if you find time.


He is one of the former prime ministers whose name is frequently mentioned because of his death anniversary these days. Adnan MenderesLittle known information about…

Adnan Menderes He was the first prime minister to recognize May 1 as a labor day.

who will visit Moscow in the summer of 1960. Meanderas a gesture on May 1 that year “May 1 Labor Day”celebrated it.

This gesture is not attributed to his sympathy for the workers, but to his effort to get closer to the Soviet Union. In his last years, he did not get the attention he expected from the USA. Meander has now turned the route to Moscow. This policy change is said to hasten his overthrow.


İsmail Saymaz wrote on the Halk TV website what Future Party leader Ahmet Davutoğlu suggested to the 6-table partners:

“Davutoğlu proposes a joint decision by the leaders, either by themselves or by their appointed representatives, to enter the Council of Ministers.”

It is stated that Ali Babacan is of the same opinion. In summary… Four small parties want to take part in the new president’s team and control him by being partners in the decisions. They demand that this be agreed before the election. Is it possible to implement such an agreement, which also means a mortgage to the will of the new president?

Now there is a difficult problem in 6 Table.


Famous patisserie Beyaz Fırın opened a new branch in Moda, Kadıköy. Each of the delicious looking cakes and cookies in the showcases are labeled: Puff pastry 69 lira, Cheesecake 71 lira, San Sebastian 71 lira (all by slice). Cheddar toast is 68 liras. A cup of tea is 18 liras. Cappuccino coffee is 45 liras.

Puff pastry is 25 liras, a glass of tea is 10-12 liras, and toast is 23 liras in patisseries such as İnci, Elif and Eiffel in the same district.

Despite this price difference, Beyaz Fırın was more crowded than any other place in the vicinity yesterday.

our reader Ertan Kara‘s comment:

– Our people are hungry to feel like an important person. When he goes to expensive places, he can see himself above the average and feel rich and successful. This desire for satisfaction forces him to go places beyond his budget or to wear expensive brands. That’s why many, but not all, customers are there.