Played games using brain waves

According to the news in LOG, Twitch publisher Perrikaryal played Elden Ring by thinking only through the brain wave sensor he owned and the special software he used.

The publisher, which turned the device used by the researchers to record the electrical activity of the brain into a game controller, has even reached the level where it can defeat an in-game enemy by giving his attention to the move he wants to make. Of course, the process, which is a bit delayed / slow and requires a really high focus, was not the first example in this regard, but it managed to attract the attention of even the developer company with its use in Elden Ring.

Bandia Namco’s UK-based Twitter account asked Perrikaryal how he did it. Perrikaryal, who had to say some moves to signal, showed that the process was not easy, but not impossible either. According to an expert’s statement, the accuracy level of 60 to 70 percent is considered very good in the system, which needs more attention to bring people with physical disabilities to the game worlds.

Elden Ring had also been on the agenda with a Twitch development before that. You know, the enemies or bosses in the game are really quite challenging.

One of the most challenging enemies here is definitely Malenia. Twitch streamer Miss Mikkaa was able to defeat this enemy, which many players took hours to defeat, in a way that no one else had. Taking a rough tryst, the streamer battled and defeated two different Malenias at the same time.

So how did this happen? In this process, MissMikkaa uses both a controller and a dance mat in a very interesting way. The controller is directly connected to the PS5. The dance mat is connected to the PC. In this way, the broadcaster can fight with both hands and feet at the same time. Of course, this success did not come easy.