Peta urges women to “don’t have sex with meat-eating men”

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The animal rights organization Fighters for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) urged women not to have sex with men who make meat, stating that meat-eating men are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the news in The Telegraph, Peta’s Germany branch pointed to an article in the science journal Plos One last year, emphasizing that “men cause pollution 41 percent more than women because they eat more meat.”

Peta said women should start a “boycott of sex with meat-eating men to save the world.”

Peta from Germany Daniel Cox, claiming that fathers associate “manhood” with meat consumption “We know them all. Suburban dads with beer bottles and barbecue tables holding their 70 cent hot dogs on their 700 Euro grill” he said. Cox urged men to become vegan in order to leave a world worth living for their children.

Cox, “There is scientific evidence that toxic masculinity harms the climate. A ban on sex or reproduction for all meat-eating men would make sense in this context.” said.

Peta’s proposal drew backlash

Peta’s proposal resonated in Germany. politician from the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party Florian Hahn “There should be a ban on having divisive ideologies rather than a ban on sex with meat eaters,” he said.

The proposal, which was also featured on the cover of Germany’s best-selling tabloid Bild, said: “According to the rationale of radical animal rights activists, someone who sings sausages in a stadium, someone who likes to grill in the summer, or someone who can’t do without schnitzel is not worth breeding. Crazy proposition” reacted with his words.

“I don’t know what to say, I sell more hot dogs to women than men,” sausage seller Jessica Stahl told Bild.