Pensioners who owe the bank, this news concerns you! All debts will be closed in one book!

Millions of retired citizens turned their eyes to the pension increase to be announced due to their livelihood problems. While the rise in the dollar rate and the increase in inflation affect especially retired citizens closely, applications for loans from banks continue to be made frequently at this point. A new announcement came in the private banks for retirees who applied for loans.

While the cost of living continued to increase due to the increase in inflation and fluctuations in the exchange rate, the purchasing power of the citizens decreased considerably. Especially after the winter months came, retired citizens were trying to meet their needs by taking advantage of the credit facilities of the banks, and private banks were offered debt closing loans that would make retirees smile.


In the event that retired citizens are drowning in the consumer loans they have taken to meet their needs, the debt settlement loan has been activated. If retired citizens have difficulty in closing their loan debts, their hearts will now be relieved with the debt closing loan offered by private banks.

In addition to the many support provided by public banks, private banks participated in this, while the details of the debt settlement loan were very curious. It has been announced that retired citizens will be able to take advantage of the debt settlement loan facility where they can collect all their debts in a single book. For citizens who have debts and have difficulty in paying, the debt settlement loan provided by ING, Yapı Kredi, İş Bankası, TEB, QNB, Akbank, Garanti will provide relief to retirees.


It has been announced that all retirees can benefit from the debt closing loan provided for retired citizens. The details of the debt closing loan, where citizens who want to collect all their debts in a single book and delete them in one pen, can relieve their hands, were very curious.

  • Akbank Debt Closing Loan: 2.26 percent interest, 446 TL monthly payment, 16 thousand 114 TL total loan
  • Enpara Debt Closing Loan: 1.99 percent interest, 424 TL monthly payment, 15 thousand 253 TL total loan
  • Garanti BBVA Debt Closure Loan: 2.67 percent interest, 481 TL monthly payment, 17 thousand 382 TL total loan
  • Aktif Bank Debt Closing Loan: 3.19 percent interest, 528 TL monthly payment, 19 thousand 58 TL total loan
  • ING Debt Closing Loan: 1.24 percent interest, 365 TL monthly payment, 13 thousand 175 TL total loan
  • Yapı Kredi Debt Closure Loan: 3.14 percent interest, 523 TL monthly payment, 18 thousand 894 TL total loan
  • İşbank Debt Closure Loan: 2.15 percent interest, 437 TL monthly payment, 15 thousand 782 TL
  • TEB Debt Closing Loan: 1.64 percent interest, 395 TL monthly payment, 14 thousand 287 TL total loan
  • CEPTETEB Debt Closing Loan: 1.64 percent interest, 395 TL monthly payment, 14 thousand 287 TL total loan
  • QNB Finansbank Debt Closing Loan: 1.74 percent interest, 403 TL loan, 14 thousand 576 TL total loan