Pelin Akil suffered a great shock in traffic: She cursed my mother and father

Pelin Akil, who is married to Anıl Altan, an actress like herself, and has twin daughters named Alin and Lina, experienced a shocking incident when she was in the car alone in the traffic.

Pelin Akil told about her experiences in a video she shot, saying that a boy selling tissue paper was cursing at her:

* Istanbul is now making everything very difficult. Do you know how a boy who was selling napkins at the Beşiktaş Stadium a moment ago sells them? “Damn … give his wife money” Do you know how he curses, speaking disgustingly? He is cursing my mother, father, and family, and banging on the window saying ‘Take this, take this’.


* “Are you going to take it to the grave?” says something like that. I don’t have any cash, but I don’t feel like giving it to a child like you who talks like that… I’m so upset… Where do we live, why are these people like this?


* I took the phone in my hand and said, “I’m going to call the police”. “Sometimes,” he laughs, so casually. He says call the police if you want.

* The saddest thing is that the woman saw me alone and that’s why she did it. If anyone else was in the car, he wouldn’t have dared to talk like that. I swear I wanted to get out of the car, neutralize him, shut his mouth. I got angry, too, and I became troubled. I have never started the day like this.

* The moment you take a step in Istanbul to the street, you will feel depressed. I’m so sorry, how did we end up like this? It’s really sad.