Pele began to say goodbye to his fans

It has been stated that the condition of Brazilian legendary football player Pele, who has been treated for colon cancer for more than a year, is getting worse with each passing day.

82-year-old Pele, who is being treated at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo and accompanied by his daughters Flavia and Kely Nascimento, visited his son Edinho, who coaches Londrina, one of the Brazilian Serie B teams, to celebrate Christmas together.

Edinho, who shared his photo with his father on his social media account, “Dad… All my resistance is yours.” used his statements.

Kely Nascimento congratulated Pele fans on Christmas by sharing a photo with his siblings at the hospital.

His condition worsened

In the last statement made during the week from the hospital, it was stated that Pele, whose cancer progressed and his health condition worsened, needed more care due to kidney and heart diseases.

farewell visits

Pele is aware that his situation has become irreversible and bids farewell to everyone who comes to visit him.

Shown as one of the best in football history, Pele is the only player to win the World Cup 3 times (1958, 1962, 1970).