Payment of 10 thousand TL for those who apply with TR ID! Don’t Miss the Application

As we enter the year 2023, good news comes one after another from the banks. A payment of 10 thousand liras will be made only to citizens who apply with an identity card.

Low interest rates and convenient maturity options are offered for the payment to be made. In addition, a guarantor and proof of income are not required. Applicants will meet their needs with 10 thousand liras in cash in the new year. Which banks pay how much interest? What is the amount of payment according to the payment to be made? You can find answers to all questions in our news.

Many citizens are experiencing economic problems due to the urgent need for cash these days, as we entered the new year. Unfortunately, the increased salaries to the minimum wage, civil servants and retired civil servants are not enough. Citizens with cash shortages in the first month of the year are investigating the loan packages of banks. Many banks offer affordable loans with low interest rates as we enter the new year. ING, Akbank, TEB, Garanti Bank and Denizbank offer loans amounting to 10 thousand liras to applicants.

Low Interest Consumer Loan from ING

ING Bank offers a 10 thousand lira loan package with affordable interest rates to citizens who apply in January 2023. With a monthly payment of 480 TL, a total of 14 thousand lira loan debt can be paid. Applications for consumer loans can be made through the bank’s mobile application.

Installment Loan from Akbank

Akbank offers loans with an interest rate of 2.15% and a term of 36 months to those who apply for a loan amounting to 10 thousand TL. With a monthly payment of 408 TL in installments and a 36-month maturity option, a loan of 10 thousand liras can be used with a total payment of approximately 15 thousand liras. Applications can be made through the bank as well as through the mobile application.

Consumer Loan from TEB

TEB offers its customers a loan facility with an interest rate of 1.77%, effective from January 2023. The monthly installments will be close to 400 TL in the loan with a 36-month maturity. Applications have started.

Denizbank Loan with 1.94% Interest Rate

Denizbank offers its customers a cash loan of 10 thousand TL. In the loan with an interest rate of 1.94 and a maturity of 36 months, a total payment of 15 thousand liras will be made.