Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues… Did you vote?


Lifetime Gedik: I’m a bit of a last minute guy. It’s not over in the country. I haven’t used it yet, but I will definitely go to the site and vote.

War Ozbey: I haven’t used it yet. I am waiting for my weekly leave day so that I can have a pleasant time in front of the computer, take my tea, think about it, and cast my votes without hurrying.

Onur Basturk: I think that the most competition will be in the categories of “best TV series”, “best actor” and “best actress”. Let’s see what the result will be, I’m looking forward to it.

Orkun Fame: I voted as soon as the system opened. “Best song” and “best digital content” are the categories I am most curious about. I am very excited about which names will have Butterfly in which productions.

Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

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They wanted to say ‘men are victims too’

eventMehmet Dinçerler, who is in the divorce phase with , demanded the 3 million lira wedding ring and the jewelry worn at the wedding back, but the court rejected this request. Do you think his lawyer does not know that the request will be rejected? Why might the Dinçers have made this move?

Onur Basturk: Big move mistake if his lawyer didn’t really know and this request was made anyway. But I don’t think it was done unknowingly.

Orkun Fame: Did he really make such a request? I don’t think his lawyer doesn’t know, there is a job behind this. Also, I’m sorry, but he can drink cold water over that ring, Mr. Mehmet. Because Hadise has the right not to give that ring unless she wants it.

Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

War Ozbey: I think they knew, they just wanted to remind Mehmet Dinçerler how much this 4-month marriage cost. As a matter of fact, although the wedding was closed to the press, the list of jewelry was spilled. In this case, Hadise always seems to be the victim, and the male side too.
They may want to show that they are victims.


Lifetime Gedik: The jewelry worn belongs to the bride and cannot be taken back. Last week, I wrote that the jewelry will legally stay in Hadise. I don’t know why Dinçerler made this move, but I wish he had asked someone who knows without speaking.

He will survive with the support of his loved ones.

It is understood why Hakan Özoğuz, the guitarist of Athena, is extremely weak. Özoğuz was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. We receive your best wishes…

War Ozbey: The only consolation is that he is discharged from the hospital. It means that the treatment process is successful. I hope he regains his former form as soon as possible, and this calamity will be a thing of the past as a bad memory.

Onur Basturk: Big condolences to him. I have no doubt that you will get through this process much easier with the morale of the stages.


Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

Orkun Fame: Ahhh… I hope he will get better soon Hakan. Get well soon.

Lifetime Gedik: I was very sad to hear. Get well soon. Although it is a difficult process, I believe that music will get through with the strength and support of its fans.

A complete reverse

As they said they were friends, we talked about whether they were lovers. Finally, Mehmet Üstündağ broke the news: Ibrahim CelikkolHe was in love not with Birce Akalay, but with his close friend Natali Yarcan. Have we turned a corner, Council?

Lifetime Gedik: Yes, let’s admit it, we’ve turned a corner. But didn’t they say they were just friends even though they were already on vacation?


Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

Onur Basturk: Yep, it’s the complete opposite. But when Birce Akalay made a statement on the subject, I believed it. It was just too much conspiracy theory. For some reason, we can’t imagine that a famous woman and a famous man can be just friends.

War Ozbey: Don’t call it a reverse corner. Celebrities deny their relationships so much that their denials are no longer newsworthy. They say “no relationship”, then they are caught 1 month later. In addition to dry, wet can burn, of course.

Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

Natali Yarcan (middle) met İbrahim Çelikkol at Dilara Karabay’s (left) place.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>

Orkun Fame: Well, friends, I can’t say that I turned a corner to this. It was you! I always argued that they are friends, that this is a very normal situation. Anyway, in this case, I was most happy for Birce. The woman was saved from always answering the same questions.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Selen Görgüzel, who talked about her new life after her divorce from Hamdi Alkan, said that she no longer had assistants; He explained that he did the ironing and even the coffee himself.

War Ozbey: Crazy questions got me… Is she pushing the automatics herself, Ms. Selen? For example, after opening the faucet, does it turn it off again by itself? Shouldn’t he be so hard on himself?

Onur Basturk: I find such statements too pretentious. The spectacle of “Look how humble I lead”. What ironing for me, making his own coffee? And doing both is the easiest thing in the world.

Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

Lifetime Gedik: Let the applause come from Selen to all women who work outside and do housework. If I were in the same situation, I would do the housework, I guess what I would do would be to give the cats food and clean their litter.

Orkun Fame: Hey Life! How did you dramatize the event? She said it as a joke. What do you mean “I don’t have helpers, I even do my own ironing”? Don’t they say come on from there? Make it a hassle.

Is there a torpedo?

The ranking of Neşe Erberk’s daughter Selin Erberk Gurdikyan in Miss Turkey aroused her suspicions. Even Demet Akalın made a suggestive post. If the Council sat on the jury seat, would Selin Hanım be third again?

Onur Basturk: How interesting indeed. Why would you follow in your mother’s footsteps and enter the competition? I will advise him to follow a slightly more original life path.

Lifetime Gedik: I’ve always found these beauty pageants repulsive. For this reason, I do not want to upset anyone by saying that he was chosen well with this or that torpedo. I think all girls are beautiful.

Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

War Ozbey: Not as much as her mother, but I think Selin is a beautiful girl. I would vote. But I don’t know if my score was enough for third place. The only thing I know is Nursena Say was the favourite, she deservedly won.

Orkun Fame: If I was on the jury, I wouldn’t make it third. But that doesn’t mean it’s ugly at all. I don’t think it’s a torpedo either. Maybe the members of the jury said, “Girl of a familiar face, let’s be a little generous”, I don’t know that.

No one convinced Semiramis Pekkan

Semiramis Pekkan also took part in the show “Musicals from Broadway to Istanbul” staged by veteran theater actor Haldun Dormen. Let’s evaluate Pekkan’s appearance on the stage after 53 years…

Orkun Fame: I couldn’t watch. It is important that Semiramis Pekkan takes part in this project. After all, these are not people who say “yes” to every project.

Lifetime Gedik: I was in the audience that night at Uniq. Indeed, there were parts that seemed unprepared, and moreover, the soloists were insufficient. But we also saw great performances such as Pelin Akil, Canan Ergüder, Burak Sevinç and Emre Altuğ. No one has convinced Semiramis Pekkan to take the stage until now. The audience of this musical witnessed a very special principle.

Pantene Golden Butterfly excitement continues... Did you vote?

War Ozbey: I couldn’t go to the show, but I watched the rehearsals. Yes, maybe they could have prepared better if they had a little more time, but the challenge is this: Since everyone is a famous name, they all have jobs. That’s why they can only hold two shows, one in Istanbul and one in Izmir. Still, having Semiramis Pekkan on stage 53 years later is like re-telling an old dream.

Onur Basturk: I haven’t watched it, so I can’t comment on the show. It’s also nice that Semiramis Pekkan is dating. But this is a move made especially for the sake of being talked about. I don’t know, it’s a situation that gets in the way of the show after all.

It’s funny to even talk

One of the debates that marked the week was the opposition of an internet phenomenon named Kenan Hodja for men to wear shorts.
Do you suit men with shorts?

Orkun Fame: After Kenan Hoca’s statements, I threw all my shorts in the trash in a panic. Ahahaha! Well, I took those statements seriously, and I burst out laughing at it. I wear shorts in summer and winter, I wear them outside and at home. Who cares!

War Ozbey: Not in the summer resorts, but to be honest, I’m afraid to wear shorts in the city. However, I can go to short distances like a grocery store or something with shorts. Am I putting pressure on myself?

Onur Basturk: I think that such internet teachers make such meaningless statements just to be famous and attract attention. This is one of them. And yes, I wear shorts when I workout. I also like the wearer. I also find it funny to talk about it.

Lifetime Gedik: In the summer heat, while we are comfortable walking around in shorts, skirts and dresses, men are not in the mood to wear trousers. Let them wear shorts or even skirts if they want. Why wouldn’t it suit you?