Ozzy Osbourne cancels European tour, saying he’s ‘too weak’

Osbourne performed at the opening of the Commonwealth Games last year

74-year-old rock star Ozzy Osbourne, who has been continuing his music career since 1967, announced that he would cancel his European and UK tour, saying he was too weak.

The lead singer of British heavy metal band Black Sabbath said in a statement on social media that the spinal injury caused by a fall in 2019 has not fully healed yet, and said, “I never thought my tours would end like this.”

“My voice is fine. But after three surgeries, stem cell therapy, endless physical therapy sessions and groundbreaking cybernetics therapy (HAL), my body is still weak,” he added.

A $20,000 mechanical exoskeleton is used in cybernetics therapy to help improve the patient’s mobility.

In a statement, Osbourne said this was “perhaps the hardest thing he shared with his fans”, adding that he didn’t have the physical strength to do the planned European and UK tour and “really saddened to disappoint his fans”.

The tour was postponed several times before due to the accident and the coronavirus pandemic.

The rock star had a serious bike accident in 2003. He was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the same year.

While all the treatment processes were going on, Osbourne, who took the stage at the opening of the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, where he grew up last year, used a back brace for support.