Osman Zeki Korkmaz: “The opponent is favorite in every match played by Istanbulspor”


Sport Toto Super Leaguein the 8th week of Istanbulspordefeated Fatih Karagümrük 2-1 away. Istanbulspor Technical Director, who made a statement at the press conference held after the match Osman Zeki Korkmaz“In the first 3 weeks of the league and in the following period, we had an exit in terms of score. Our first match after the international break was in a similar situation. It was like a final match somewhere. For us, every match in the Super League is the final match. In every match played by Istanbulspor, the opponent is the favourite. I say this sincerely. This fact should not be forgotten. The moment we say we are is the moment we are done. We must not lose motivation. The only thing we can improve is our understanding of this game. We reflected this on the field in the second half and got the score. We had to put pressure on one-to-one while they were playing, we did, but we have a problem of doing decisive work in the 3rd region. We make simple losses, we need to figure it out. We need to multiply the options that can score. From here, I both give a message to the team and set homework for myself. We are a team that is at the top in the distance covered. We differ from our competitor in this respect as well. We were assessing that we would find more space, until 2-1. Then we entered the psychology of keeping the score.”

“We have been trying to create a gaming culture since last year”


“We have been trying to create a game culture since last year,” said Korkmaz and continued as follows:
“We are working on how to improve the game, we are telling it persistently. The period is over, we immediately analyzed, we told the players what we should do. We made 3 changes, it should have been a mental shock to the team. His comrades from behind applied tactical things better.”