Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank pregnant for the first time at age 48


Two Oscar-winning actresses Hilary Swankgave the good news that she and her husband Philip Schneider are expecting twins on the talk show Good Morning America, which she participated as a guest.

“This is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m going to be a mother,” said Swank. The famous actress continued her words, “And not just one, but two. I can’t believe it.” Swank added that he was very excited to deliver this happy news. The actress described her status as “a complete miracle.” Hilary Swank also shared the happy news on her social media page.

Swank, who spoke with the production of Alaska Daily, in which she starred, then spoke about her pregnancy in the program Live with Kelly and Ryan, where she was a guest. “I feel great right now,” she said.


Hilary Swank married Philip Schneider in 2018. The actress won the Best Actress Oscar twice for her 1999 film “Men Don’t Cry” and in 2003 for Million Dollar Baby.

WAS A MOM FOR THE FIRST TIME AT THE AGE OF 50: By the way, let us remind you that Hilary Swank is not the youngest celebrity in show business to become a mother. Janet Jackson was 50 years old when she gave birth to her first baby with her Qatari billionaire wife, Wissam al Manna, in 2017.


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